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Why must there be those which live through this and live like Dia and others have to suffer excessively, like Paul, ME, and almost everyone.

What has happened:

I during my running came to Narcissus and find out what happened, I came to a house very opulent in its design and execution. I went up to the door and knocked with Kat looking about paranoid, the man that came to answer it could be classified as a beautiful man, but all I saw was a smug face I wanted to pummel. He merely turned back and we went in, this house is full of mirrors I noticed I looked like a member of the walking dead, My face was grey and haggard, Kat looked like a frightened animal cornered. I believe the only way to describe Narcissus, is.. Narcissistic, he never once made eye contact with either one of us.

We eventually gave to a room that didn't contain a mirror, which made me feel alot less paranoid, and he started to talk, for the first time looking at something apart from himself.

N: SO.... you come to find out what happened to the muse, do you want to know what happened?
S: Yes, I don't really have a choice.
N: *He looks at me quizzically* Really? do you really?
S: Yes, my life is forfeit otherwise.
N: Okay, It was night when it happened, I was part of a detail to make sure that Manic didn't escape if he had a change of heart, then he appeared, he sort of flickered in and out of existence and a dark leaf was tucked under the epaulettes of his coat, and he came up to God and said

*M: Well now you have me what are you going to do with me?

God reached out a tentacle to place on the forehead of your muse, and the muse's back arched to the point of breaking, he screamed, screamed against what was happening, he was being ripped from his mind being killed. God then retracted a tentacle as if in pain, the Muse laughed, saying, what not use to your meat fighting back. God then hit him into the corner of the room we were in, all the proxies there remained silent and still, waiting for the end of this great traitor.

Then We all feel down, clutching our heads in pain as a scream permeated everything, right into my mind, then the body flopped down on to the floor, dead. We thought that was the end until a gasp came from teh body, God looked happily surprised. And you were returned to your home and you were left mostly in piece until the centurion went after you, never liked him, didn't follow the right mythology.

K: That's it, that can't be all there is, why did noname send us if you didn't have anything useful to say.
N: n...noname, sent you , leave, leave now, never come back, NEVER!

S: Please we need this what do you mean he flickered in and out of existence, and the black leaf did he come in by the path?
N: *jumpy* Well he was a proxy, he probably came by the path, but you cant exist in both dimension simultaneously, well not if you want to keep your soul, and Manic had his soul when he came in, but I've only seen a few instances of people acting like that and I didn't like how those ended aswell. Leave the only reason I told you this much is because I respected Manic, I'm linked to alot of the things he's done, partially responsible for helping you find that Paul bloke.


N+S: What!,

K: He's her.

 I turned to see noname, and behind him Slender, looking imposing over the shorter man, but the shorter man obviously held more authority. We ran.

With all the mirrors I could see them always just behind us, almost walking, whilst we ran, Narcissus turned us to a secret passage way I hadn't seen when I first came in.

N: Quickly, they won't stop and you know it, I will plee mercy from my master.

I tried to stop him but he shoved me off, I watched through the grill as Narcissus knelt before the Slender Man, and I watched as he was decapitated, he made a pretty corpse was what I heard noname say.

We ran, by the time we got out side, everything was there, all the disgusting things I had ever seen, they all attacked at once I killed a few of them, well those that could be killed, I used the centurions sword to cut my way through swathes of proxies, until I came to Kat, she was being overwhelmed, before I could reach her she fell, I furiously cut my way through them, I came to her as they swarmed over her, I grabbed her arm trying to free her, but there were to many of them and they were to strong, I wept, I told her I'd save her no matter what, I told her I loved her, She smiled, she said me too, and let go of my hand, I couldn't hold on any longer, my hand was too sweaty, my body to tired, then I just let myself sleep, waiting for them to consume me to.

A man came by and kicked me, "What are you doing lying asleep in my field, are you high Son?" "Where? Where am I?", "Hmm, I see you were, come down to the house and I'll get my wife to fix you a proper breakfast, with everything you could ever want. "No, I can't it's not safe, just let me leave" , "Now I won't let my hospitality be turned down by someone who obviously needs it" he looked down at my body, I saw I was covered in cuts and bruises. " I must go save her...." This is when I fainted, I woke up in a bed warm, safe, I thought I was home in Ireland for a second then the Man came in, "I notice you're awake now, I called the doctor, but he won't be able to come for a day so you'll have to stay here until you're healthy and fit, here my wife made you this, eat it up you need your strength".  "Why are you helping me, you don't even know me?",   He stared off into the distance recalling a memory, "You remind me of my son, he was always trying to leave to 'keep is safe', he left I don't know it must be year now, about August he left, I don't know where he is poor little sod, but Liam was always a good lad, he should be fine"

It was then I noticed the significant markers that father and son share, "Dude what is your name, I feel weird talking to a person who's name I don't know?", "My name is Rick O'Hanlon, what is yours son?"
"Sa..... *Ommited*" I told him my real name, I thought he deserved that much. "Come down and meet my wife, she'll be happy to know that our guest is up again, I got up and walked, well more limped down the stairs of this family, I noticed pictures on the wall, and noticed the picture of a small girl, by small I mean, like barely 6, "Do you have a daughter aswell?", He looked sad "My wife did before she met me, she was a lovely child, she was called Kathryn,  she was my little girl, I loved her to bits" .

I now knew I couldn't stay I took two children from this now empty house, I saw his wife and she looked exactly how Kat would if she were to grow old, "Ahh, isn't he a strapping lad, so tall, and strong, maybe when he gets healthier he could stay and help on the farm if he has nowhere else to go", "Mary, leave the child alone, let him eat some more I'm guessing he needs it after how long he was out", ""How long was I
out?" "A day, not too long, you should be fine, come eat", he said tearing off a chunk of bread and dipping it in the soup. That's when HE appeared again noname, he put his finger to where his lips should be, Don't get too comfortable, remember you still need to find Manic". "Are you alright hun, you look like you've seen a ghost", " I have to go.", "nonsense" he replied, "We shall not have a guest leave with an empty stomach and as badly battered as you"

S: "You Don't Understand, You are in Danger, you have to let me leave,"

Man: They'll have to get through me yet, I won't let people pick on those who can't defend themselves

He takes out a rifle,

S: That won't work!* I screamed* The only way you will survive is if I leave you have to let me leave, I don't want you two to be killed by them.

M: Whats so bad that could kill three people in a go.

*With a sad tone*S: That.

He turned around and saw noname and shot, the round went straight through his head and out the other side not hurting him abit.

S: Run, For Fucks sake, Run.

I got them out the door, "Don't kill them please" he waved his finger from side to side, "You need to learn, no one gets out alive, no matter how nice"

By the time I was outside noname was killing them killing the wife infront of the husband, and he killed the man next, I won't divulge the details they're to gruesome even for us, I ran to the man, and tried to see what I could do my perception didn't work, I opened the path to try and use te energy, the man looked at it in disbelief, until I just broke down and started whimpering, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so so Sorry. he Replied "Don't worry Son, we're going to see Kat and Liam now, everything will be alright, everything wil...." Then he died.

Nothing else important happened, So It comes to now, Manic must have come through the path somehow, a weakening of the walls of the worlds, but he's gone again, I am responsible for the death of an entire, happy, family, I am a monster, truly I am.


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