Monday, 2 July 2012

Um, ,,,,, A Life report

Proxy F-269566 reporting on the situation concerning the situation pertaining to  C-558763, we have reason to believe that this individual, which we presumed was a copycat, is actually C-558763. And by reason we mean, one of 'our' facilities was attacked, proxies that have had years of training, dead, so many only half of us remained alive, that was only because we hid in the panic room nothing can get in there not even master, we built it from the material that we found surrounding that computer we obtained from the previous facility. 
So many proxies dead, F-776034, F-004293, D-778833, R-983323, P- 744323, T-993844, E-927834, but to name a few. They died, they were the few people that possibly could have killed C-558763, what , happened to him, I myself checked the state of the corpse and identified and confirmed it was C-556783, how could I be wrong, his body was easily identified, but there's was no way that body was alive, and all the organs integral to life continuing were damaged. 

There is no way he could have survived, or even regenerate, no consciousness was present in the body when it was collected, and was monitored for 3 days before the body was released to the family, by the time the body was eventually collected and taken to be disposed, it was so decomposed and mangled, it was beyond repair, and the brain cells were almost completely destroyed and completely useless, so no consciousness could inhabit the corpse. 

I don't have high enough clearance to access the incident that occurred, I mentioned it earlier in my report of the other facilities destruction. So I can't prepare for whatever might have happened, some highers are going to get an earful from me. 


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