Monday, 30 July 2012

Intitial testing

After my post regarding the visit I received from the Blind Man, Zeke gave me a.... strange offer, he offered me samples of the Sub-Mixtures, those he uses against the fears. He didn't give me any information regarding the main mixtures probably as I have a very slim chance of coming into conflict with Larvae. I didn't wan't to impose myself to much on him, but I did take the information regarding the constituent parts and how they are thrown together to get the Sub-Mixtures. Personally to me they are quite interesting I rarely get to see how certain materials interact with  fear biochemistry.

The main component of all of these, as I'm sure Zeke won't mind me leaking this one little secret, is synthetic fear blood, now according to Zeke it has the same chemical make up of fear blood just that it isn't made by the fears body itself. The composition may be due to an aggressive macro protein saturated with something akin to (Sigma?)  the radiation fears like the Slender Man exhibit in such cases as Everyman Hybrid, and may be linked with the others. This protein may be an enzyme of some sort that due to its chemical composition being similar if not the same as the fears, isn't attacked by what is used as a immune response in fears. Due to the fact that the fears haven't needed to evolve or adapt often, if at all, with their Biochemistry changing the least of all probably. This means that they have no tolerance of the substance, meaning it potency would stay the same regardless of how many times it is used against a fear.

This may explain the result of Sub-Mixture 1, which cause Paralysis in the target fear, I believe that this is caused by the Fears body purging itself of the substance, causing a build up of a material in the target so that movement either become extremely painful, or the 'muscles' can't move as signals aren't received, I have been led to believe this affect should last for 5 minutes.

This is all I feel I have the leniency to divulge at the moment, so the other Sub-Mixtures shall be secret to me and who ever Zeke chooses to share the information with. I will however share an observation about the components of some of the Sub mixtures, the components which me they will be ineffective against certain fears, I'm sure you are aware of those I'm referring to. Perhaps we should consider trying to adapt them to have complete potency against all Fears.

I just remembered that he has shown Sub-Mixture 7, it's ability to expel fears is truly fascinating, I have never experienced something like that, which has that much influence over the fears. I really do have to put more attention on how the constituents act on Fear tissue, especially due to the rarity and difficulty of the components that have to be obtained. And considering them it may have the best blanket affect over all the fears.

Up until now I have only pitted myself knowingly against a couple fears at a time. But... this study, these.... 'weapons' I have appropriated, I declare war on them if I proceed with this research, I will never be safe, whatever reason they keep me alive for will mean nothing what so ever. If, no when Zeke's plan and truce with the fears fails, we will be in the epicenter of the war that will probably consume many, the Fears will not stop until the weapons are destroyed. This is my choice, however, and i won't give up on saving people and I won't endanger anymore people by passing this information to any, their ignorance will be their sanctuary. I may not help many now, look at my followers, I only have 11, and I probably have none outside these that find anything I say of use, but in the future when I'm dead and gone those stalked may come across this blog, and blogs like it. They will see hope, hope for a chance that there is a tomorrow, that they may have a chance to survive, if only a little longer.

So today I may save none, but tomorrow I may save hundreds, I can only hope that all this pain and loss saves someone. Gargoyle remember, this is why we fight and survive, no matter how little we feel we achieve, how pointless we see our trials. We change the world and tide of whatever war we fight, we can atleast hope we save lives we never knew existed, and probably never will.

These Sub-Mixtures are a weapon, and I remember like it was yesterday when I posted my disdain for them in this blog, I want it to be about knowledge and hope. But now I understand fully, everything in this war against the fears is a weapon, the knowledge I share the stories that are told. And Hope, possibly the most potent of all our weapons, as we never truly lose it from our hearts, the singular belief that we will survive, we will win.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp And Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

TBP: After my little speech I feel quite pumped and energetic, I may start training my body, push up, shuttle runs, it's been a while since I've tested my bodies proper limits.



  1. Manic, I've given you the information to do with as you please. If you want to tell your readers what the Sub Mixtures do, that's your decision. I personally plan on informing my Readers at some point.

    But remember, DO NOT attempt to use the last one until Abel and I manage to perfect it.

    1. Yeah I saw that, I didn't even want to try and make it, but if you are sure, they may have some proxies looking for ways to neutralise the affects of them, that would be unfortunate.

    2. I don't know if the effects CAN be neutralized. Their proxies would still have to use sythetic Fear blood to make the cure/vaccine, and that would likely cause even more harm to their masters. But I appreciate the concern.