Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Too late, as usual

Well I found the proxies I was looking for, but they weren't exactly in the position to divulge the pertinent information, as their bodies weren't exactly in a state conducive to life. Yeah, it seemed that someone, or thing, got to them before me So this trip was in essence a waste of time, I may have to resort to a means I don't particularly want to use to get my information on Noname, or.... I'd have to go home, there must be a cult following for the creature that my parents told me stories about. Maya and Anna don't seem interested in my help at this point in time, I am just sitting outside the pub waiting for it to open, so I can have one more drink to make sure that I don't just miss them.

So this is the end of my time in Seattle, woooooooooo, but I still can't wait to find Kat and save her, beat Noname, and that's it. I'll sort my Slender problem out after that.

-Manic Muse

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