Thursday, 5 July 2012

The attack

This is the report of  F-269566, regarding the attack on the facility by C-558763.

We were just changing the staff of the facility so technically we had twice as many proxies present than we usually have. We initially had a report from the east side of the facility of gunfire, this was where all available combatants were dispatched to that side of the facility, including myself. When I arrived at the intrusion I saw something I didn't expect, a number of dead proxies amoungst them was F-004293, I was shocked, who could have taken out all these people and F-004293. I followed the trail of dead to the point of current bloodshed, F-776034,  D-778833, R-983323, P- 744323 and T-993844, were in a group ready to take on the person that had invaded the facility. To be honest I was expecting a killsquad from Moriarty, I have read from others reports that a number have occurred, this wasn't the case. After the last few shots were fired off we were anticipating a group of soldiers to emerge, but through the smoke only one person came out, C-558763. The group charged him expecting it to be over quickly, it was, for them. C-558763 just destroyed them stabbed D-778833 through the head with his knife, shot one of them with their own rifle, teleported behind tow of them and just put his hands on their heads and they just collapsed in agony and stopped moving. I finally took out my gun and tried shooting at him but he teleported behind R-983323 so I couldn't get a clean shot, they started fighting somehow C- 559763 had lost his knife, again he was finished in minutes, C-559763 got hold of his arm and broke it, I have never seen someone injure R-993323, let alone disable him as badly as C-559763, who broke R's leg and just as he fell to his knee, C-559763 took hold of both sides of his head and broke his neck. 

I decided to run there was no way I was going to win against C-559763, I was running when E-927834 came running past, I told her to run, but she thought she could take C-559763. At least she bought me time to escape, I just looked around and C-559763 was stood over her dead body with a sad look on his face, I legged it to the room where, the survivors were already huddled inside, I jumped in and locked the door, I knew whoever was outside was dead anyway. I looked through the peephole out side to check if              C-559763, he came to the door and stopped tilted his head curiously, he came so close to the door and put his hand to the door as if feeling if it was alive. He just looked at it curiously and smiled and laughed, he walked off leaving us. I don't know why we're alive right now, by all reasoning we should be dead. 

The highers, have refused to divulge the details of the incident that probably led to this, they probably are the cause of all those people that are now dead, it's times like these that I regret being a proxy.


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  1. hm, hehehe, watching you run was fun, but that room was.... strange. Only reason you're alive ben you should be greateful I came back and destroyed Sirus' facility.