Sunday, 22 July 2012

Damn priests

They knew I was coming, the dicks, I saw their meeting during midnight, and the doors were locked so I tried teleporting in, I did. But that was a bad idea I appeared in the middle of the room, and .... couldn't move, I was frozen in place just stuck in position, knife drawn, crouched, even my clothes were stuck in teh position they appeared in, it looked like I was stuck mid fall.

The head priest, obviously found this entertaining, and came up to me examining me, I felt very uncomfortable just only being able to stand there whilst a person analyses you checks your eyes, and build, taking every weapon you have and bind you to a chair. Then the other priests came and analysed me, poking and prodding, they all had symbols for Noname on their robes, and I knew they had expected me, and noname has given them a way to suspend me.

I was let go of the hold that was on me, only the restraints on the chair kept me in place. I was about to teleport out of it when;

HP: céad míle fáilte Muse
M: cad a dhéanann tú ag iarraidh?
HP: Bhí tú an ceann a tháinig chugainn, cuimhnigh?
M: Sea, ach bhí tú ag súil leis ar ndóigh dom.
HP: Bhuel tá ár Ordú éis rabhadh do ..... cuairt a thabhairt ar
M: Ansin tá tú na daoine Táim ag lorg ansin?
HP: tá, agus go bhfuil tú ar ndóigh nach cliste chomh againn gur rabhadh, go háirithe má bhí tú ar tí é a athdhéanamh do iarracht roimhe seo.
M: Bhuel ní raibh mé ag súil leis a bheith in ann a dhéanamh ar a bhfuil an méid a tharla díreach, agus d'fhéadfaí a rá cad de dom más rud é nach raibh mé iarracht.
HP: B'fhéidir. B'fhéidir, ach is ámharaí an tsaoil chun tú ár n-dóiteán ar tí tús a chur.
M: Cad é? Nach bhfuil tú ag dul chun iarracht a thoghairm, agus tú ag fucking mheabhair.

* They started a ritual and nuns came out of a random hallway, a sense of dread filled the pit of my stomach and I struggled against the restraints even harder*

M: No this Can't happen not this way, not by Fucking Priests!
Answer me! Come ONNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HP: Tá troid, lagú tú féin a bheidh sé a shásamh aingeal dia nuair a thagann sé.
M: Speak English, I haven't got the patience to deal with you.
HP: Beidh na hÉireann leor, má leat éalú nó ar bhealach slán go mbeadh do léitheoirí a bheith ró-leisciúil is dócha seo a léamh mar sin beidh ár n-rúin a bheith sábháilte.
M: Impigh mé leat, le do thoil nach bhfuil an mbealach seo, ach ní ar an mbealach seo.
* I start crying and begging, straining against the restraints on my body, the head priest just ignored me and continued with the ritual*

An image of a lake and two faceless figures by it were on the floor, it glowed and grew, melded into a black mass that grew, and grew. Until the color in room faded, and Noname was there.

NN: Well aren't you the helpless little fish?
M: What did you do? Why couldn't I move?
NN: Muse you are not the powerful being you think you are, and I am here to make sure you aren't a threat anymore.
*I struggle more bite at anything that comes towards me, spitting at them, but Noname only came to me and grasped my head, pain radiated throughout my being, I felt myself get weaker, and I felt parts of myself die*

NN: Untie him.
HP: What? But why do you not want to send him to meet the maker?
NN: What did I just say?

*The head priest begrudgingly released me*
I tried to stand up and punch the priest but fell, and landed on my face.

NN: This is your punishment Muse, too weak to fight, and not saving the woman, or the child that could be.
M: I...... will...* I breath hard through my nose* Kill you, I.... Will...... Save..... Her... I will Survive.
NN: Good luck with that.
*Noname leaves, the priest look at me looking unsure*

I Felt for the gap in reality, I felt so weak, I was able to open the path, and something dark came out of it, and took the priest, last thing I remember is the little Noname looking at me taking my shoulder and teleporting me as the black.... thing dismembered the priests.

I woke up in the room I was staying, I.... I can't do anything, I can only teleport with great effort, I can't save Kat like this, This post has taken it out of me. My little Noname, is still here, crouching on top of the chest of drawers, I fell.... safer with him there. When I fell stronger I will contact the thing I need to, and the little Noname will be very useful. He's happy with that.

He's just given me a little toy, a sort of music box, that looked like it had little creatures and planets inside of it. Like it contained an entire little universe in it, it's pretty. Hopefully none of the priest will have survived I should have peace, peace, at.... atla....

He is sleepy, I'm glad he like my little toy, I like making stuff, it's fun, and good that he likes it.


  1. Eheheheh. Priests, what did they do? Try and touch your no-no square? KILL EVERYTHING, KIDDIES! Remember, murder is your friend. :)

  2. Hey, I'm not a little kid, and if this was before I may be inclined to agree with you, but..... I don't know.