Saturday, 28 July 2012

He died

Like I said, he's dead, the nurse called, on my pretty much defunct mobile, me saying he died at around 5 O'clock, and if I wished to pick up any of his personal belongings. I thought of his book which I left behind my last visit and said I'd be over as quickly as possible, she didn't expect me to come so quickly, or looking like i hadn't eaten in 5 days, which I haven't. She showed me to my Granddad's room, I could still smell him, I asked the nurse if I could have a moment alone, she obliged. I pushed open the secret compartment I made for him and his 'special medicine', took a swig of it and started going through his draws, finding nothing particularly interesting until I got to the bottom draw, which was not only locked, but felt significantly heavier than the others, I got a heavy object and bashed the lock, using a pillow to lessen the noise. Inside was a tape, cliche I know, his book, and another box, I say box but it was more just a cube, I couldn't see any hinges or seams in the block of wood, but it was incredibly light for a cube of wood that size, so I just assume it's a box. I took all of these and put them into my bag, along with the 'medicine'. I thanked the nurse and left quickly, I tried teleporting, I got about 10 feet, then came out again, luckily my mini Noname appeared "10 feet, better than last time" I said. He grabbed my shoulder, and I saw the nurse running out to me looking slightly angry before we vanished, that will probably end her up in a hospital.

 When I got back I examined the box, again no seams, edges, bulges or depressions denoting a lock or catch. so I put it aside put the tape inside the VHS machine, old school right, as you'd expect there was nothing but static, but I left it playing, next was his book. It was full of writing and pictures, but when I went to put it away something slipped out.

"You could have warned me"

It was a letter of some kind, written in a script I'd only seen one other place.

it read;

' So you finally decided to let me die without telling me, very kind, I see why you did it, but atleast you could have let me known so I could have drank more. The Grandfather came an hour ago and told me the hour of my death, a last courtesy to a good servant, he blessed me and left. I see now why he said it was you're choice, because it would be the right choice, to be a good man, he played me.

But I'd trust him despite his status, he made me a promise hopefully that promise extends to you, and he wouldn't focus such attention on you if he wouldn't atleast keep you safe. And I assume you you are going to contact him now considering I'm dead, it is the best choice just bear this in mind, our intellect and reason  seperates us from the mindless slaves don't lose that and don't give up. If I see you a month after me I'm kicking your arse all the way back to your fucking birthday.

Won't be seeing you for a long time,

Your Grandad,*Omitted*'

Short and to the point, just like him, there was a symbol on the back, of an old man carrying books, wearing a pair of blacked out glasses, it glowed, I thought to myself 'fuck not again' and he was there I hadn't seen him in a month roughly, he was limping. 'Did the Hatter really hurt you that badly', even without eyes he can give a withering look. He took the chair and produced a book from nothing, 'Lets see what you owe me, you're soul, and 250 years of reading in my library, do you accept these charges?' ' My memory's a bit foggy, all these fears you know how it is, and I technically never sold my soul', 'Yes, but he did' he blind Man pointed at the letter.

BM: Don't worry I won't kill you, that would be counter productive, I just wish recompense at the moment for the knowledge you've taken by giving some knowledge.
M: Well you were present for most my childhood and took some of it I learned...
BM: I gave it back didn't I?
M: So what price do you want it can't be the normal archivist price
BM: No, it isn't, I want your journals, the culminated studies you have concerning all the fears, especially your study of the Slender Man, my Brother has become particularly troublesome you see.
M: Yeah I heard, atleast Zeke got a pop off at him with that mixture shit, I hypothesised something like that never thought it would actually exist, kudos to him.
BM: You also have other theories for combating the fears.
M: Yes but they're just that, theories. I don't know whether they'd actually work, I only had a sniff of Larvae I could only make the broadest generalisations. Why would you want stuff on the other fears anyway it's all sketchy I haven't had the same sources as with Slender Man, the other fears aren't doing anything too out of the ordinary only Slendy is.
BM: Contingency. When Larvae is gone who is to say that now that most the world governments know we exist and some may have to publicly acknowledge it with the latest plan we have, if they won't continue after the plan is done, you read what the Doctor planned whilst he talked to Zeke.
M : Yeah but one of my theories for him revolved around disinfectant and Marigolds, they aren't going to be of any use.
BM: Well, perhaps maybe, but neither are you so we have to take a chance with your books, the perception of us is slipping, we no longer are seen as above you as before, Hatter harmed many of us, and we come to some of you to glean knowledge on down fall of the others. If they don't work nothing will change.
M: If I'm wrong, people will die, I don't want that, too much blood, innocent and guilty, has been spilt by my hands, I won't facilitate anymore.
BM: Don't try my patience Muse, you are not the only one with a temper.
M: I'm the one you want, my knowledge is what you seek, for the downfall of your brothers and sisters that oppose you, the mighty Blind Man, just as petty as the rest of them, I won't kill a fear anymore than I would kill a human, both are important to the turning of the world the continuation of the universe.
BM: I could just take the information from your head without killing you, I merely ask out of courtesy.
M: You know what take them, I don't care, but let it stand that the blood of those that die will not be on my hands, and I will not be held accountable for you incompetence.

I spit this last word and he looks annoyed, why do I always have to piss off fears, I seem to have a real knack for it.

Then he starts to laugh
BM: You remind me of your mother a woman with solid resolve, not easily deterred, you even have her serious tone of voice,
M: what do you mean?
BM: Don't play dumb, you don't really think your Grandfather was the only one who worked for me. You're mother was one of my best archivists, she was good at her job, however she quit the same time your grandfather made the deal, so i had to let her go, but now Muse I have you, and personally I think we will get along swimmingly, despite your fathers slender oriented past.
M: Won't Zeke be unwilling to go into conflict with information that hasn't got much bases in fact or testing.
BM: Maybe but he won't know what information is which, he won't even know it originated from you until you type up your post, and by that time he'll be on his mission so he won't be able to read it until he gets back, besides he doesn't 'need' to use it, I just urge him to, to test whether you are full of shit or not.
M: What is his mission?
BM: Oh that is a secret I won't share with you, you shall be a useful angent of mine I can tell already.

Then he left, my mini Noname came out form where he was hiding and started rifling through my pocket for gears, unfortunately I had run out, I opened the catacombs and  found some inactive bone spiders and took there parts and gave them to my Noname, he's happily playing with them now. I wonder what death trap he'll make next.

And Zeke, sorry for what I may have brought on you, if you read any of my books take the theories with a pinch of salt.

It's felt like eons since I've written these words.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive.

-Manic Muse


  1. Ah, not a problem my friend. I'm always willing to try new things.

    Also, if you would like to have some of the Sub-Mixtures to use in case the Fears corner you, just ask.

  2. I may take you up on that offer, but it would probably be safer if you send me the information about the constituents the Sub-Mixtures so I can manufacture my own batch to see how they interact , if you wish to send the information to me, my E-mail is I may start experiments concerning the components, considering the Biochemistry of the fears is different from ours I'm curious as to how what ever enzyme or chemical you use affects the tissues.