Thursday, 19 July 2012

Ummmmm, I lied

Through out this entire blog I lead you to believe that Sirus was my only living relative, this....... isn't exactly true. My granddad, from my mums side, is still alive until the 28th at 5 o'clock, he'll suffer a heart attack and die, natural death. This has led me to risk going back to my home, visit him one last time and ask him about Noname, he's one of the oldest people in the village he must know something.

This is what happened:

N: Oh, hello, Mr *Omitted*, we haven't seen you for a month how has it been?
M: Busy, Is my Granddad alright?
N: He's doing fine, but he wishes you visited more often than twice a more than twice a month.
M: So do I but my life doesn't allow for it, last month you  didn't see me due to.... extenuating circumstances.
N: Ah, that's too bad, he does miss you, he's proud of you always talking about you to the others. He is so proud of you.
M: *little chuckle* Good for him.

*Sign my name down on the visitor sheet and go to his room*

I see him sitting in his chair looking at a book, it wasn't his usual scrapbook of pictures, it was more like one of my old notebooks without a number carved into it. When I knocked on the door he placed it down and smiled at me.

G: *Ommitted*! Why do you leave me like this, you know an old man can die of boredom, if you leave him to rot?
M: Well, Granddad the nurse tells me you've been annoying the other residents, I hardly think you're bored.
G: Ah what would you know coming in like you've spent you're life outside, running. You don't know how it is just sitting in a room with nothing else to do.
M: Well maybe I do, and maybe that's why I brought you.......this * I take out a bottle of whiskey and a couple of glasses*
G: Ai, good lad son. You are truly the son of your mother * he says pouring some*
G+M: Slainte. *We drink the first glass*
M: So old man, have you been behaving yourself?
G: Old Man! oughta show you, when I was your age I'd come back from the pub after 10 pints and feel nuthin, ai, you're alder than I was at that age, you've even got a fecking problem with you're shoulder.
M: I'd like to see you take me in a fight?
G: Ai, go-on.
*We do a mock wrestle, and laugh after it*
G: Me old, pah, the cheek of it.
M: Ai Granddad, I have sumthing to ask you.
G: Spit it out boy, the less we talk the more we drink. Hahaha.
M:* I smile* Do you remember the story of Noname you used to tell me and Sirus.
G: * He shifts uncomfortably, and looks weary* Yes, Why? What interest does it hold you?
M: I'm just curious, Kat's pregnant and I want a story to tell the kid, and I thought it was a good one.
G: * He relaxes at that statement, and Beams broadly* That's wonderful news, she's a cracking lass, when 's she due?
M: 7 months.
G: How could you go two month without telling me you bastard, I'm just glad I get to live to see my grand child.
M: So the story?
G: What questions do you have?
M: When is it actually set I have so many conflicting versions.
G: Well, your mum and dad set it in the 60's or 40's. But in reality the story dates back to before then, it dates back to when the village was first built, and even then before to when villages were close to the forest, but not settled here.
M: I see, and what about the lake, where is the lake in the forest?
G: Oh, deep, why do you think the boys got lost?
M: When I was a kid did I ever find the lake?
G: *Again he looks uncomfortable* No, it's a story, there isn't actually a lake in the forest, though you spent a lot of time looking, curious little sod.
M: Um, why were they in the forest?
G: Being stupid, trying to cause mischief, that lot.
M: And Noname had no face, no gait that set it apart, just generic clothes. And his presence causes the worlds to turn grey, then black as all the color is drained from existence. You lose yourself and drift.

*His face lost it's color and his face turned serious, putting down his glass, now staring into my serious face*

G: These are stories *omitted*, you'd do well not to dwell on them, for your families sake.
M: Old man, wise old man, you know these aren't just stories, and it's for my families sake I am following this, so i'll ask you what group worships him?
G: *omitted*, you're crazy, it's a story only a story, a story that is all it is. *He mutters this more trying to console himself than me.
M: Who?
G: No-one
M: Who?
G: old men
M: Who?
G: The priests, the Priest's it was always the fucking priests, thought he was an angel from God, discouraged us from telling our story to you children.
M: When do they meet?
G: Tomorrow night at midnight. Did they really take Kat?
M: Yes
G: Was she really pregnant?
M: * I look to the floor*
G: I see, You'll need this more than me.
* He hands me the bottle*
G: Give them hell, my son.

* I teleported out of there I probably almost gave him his heart attack there. and waved to him from out side the window*

I have some priests to question.

-Manic Muse

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