Thursday, 12 July 2012

No more priest

I fortunately found a dry safe place just as a massive deluge came from the sky, and therefore forced to talk to the priest again.
M: You know we will have to part ways soon? This is by no means permanent.
P: The lord will provide for me what he will, Manic.
M: How do you know my name? I didn't tell you that.
P:  Well you leave your laptop open allot when you go and get food, and I read your blog thing, I must say your life has been.... troublesome.
M: One way to put it. I guess you are more eager to leave then, be apart from such a ..... tormented soul.
P: Not at all, but you do obviously need people to help support you, I read you used to be catholic, maybe you should try and rebuild your faith in the father.
*I chuckle*
M: Which one?
P: *Looking slightly confused* The one that watches and provides for us all.
M: No offence priest, but God is not here today. The devils come and play their little games with the innocent, sullying the goodness in them, robbing them of their.. of their... -Ness. You're God is dead, all that is left are these monsters and their servants.
P: Just because the path is hard and dark, and you see your footstep alone in the path behind you, don't lose faith, as it may be God carrying you.
M: Well I would hope God wouldn't allow the people I loved to die. I dream that this never happened, that I grew up a normal child, more worried about what toys to play with, than the best way to kill a proxy. I wished that every torment suffered by those I loved would end if I died, nothing happened. God does not carry me through these dark times priest. God has abandoned us all, if he ever existed in the first place.
P: What does that mean?
M: It means that many of the attributes you allocate to your Gods and deities, are usually appropriated from the fears and such. Also their servants some of whom are immortal, hence some humans were seen as Demi- Gods.
P: That's foolish there are other things worse than the thing I saw, and how could anyone mistake something that horrible for a benevolent being.
M: They influence the perception around them, it befriends children, makes them trust him, then kills them, and sometimes. Eats them.
P: So no Heaven, No Hell?
M: I can show you a multitude of hells, priest. Some could even be mistaken for a place like heaven. But it is in itself a strange sort of hell.
P: Where are these places?
M: Dimensions, along side our own, the Path of black leaves, the domain of the Slender Man. Bliss, domain of the Archangel. The forbidden library, the stronghold of the Blind Man, or Grandfather, to the Archivists. The kingdom of the dying man, that of the dying man. So many forms evil takes, yet not one version of heaven.
P: Can you take me to a few?
M: I'd rather not I fear you won't be able to handle it.
P: I saw so many Nuns murdered, I can deal with what you have to show me.
M: I really doubt that.
P: Please, one request.
M: *I relented, agreeing as long as he kept his composure, I didn't want to attract attention, I also knew he Wouldn't ask again* Okay, just don't make a scene.

Without my knife I had to be more delicate with my crossing dimensions, it wasn't the rip it was before, more a gap in the fabric of existence. I showed him the path first and Warned him not to go in, then the library, again not to go in, he didn't believe me about mechanical bone spiders, naive fucker. The plague doctors domain, and that of the dying man, he started retching, I gave him one last reward, one gift to help this troubled man find peace momentarily. I tied a rope around his waist and open a door to the Bliss, I told him not to linger long, the Archangel will kill you and me if he finds you trespassing, though he tends not to show himself, and I can deal with a few timberwolves.
*Again a curious look*
Okay, prepare to experience your heaven. I let him walk in, he was gone for what was, for me, 5 minutes, yet came back saying it felt like an hour, in bliss. He thanked me and called me a lonely angel. I took him to a mental institution, the effects of the bliss would ware off soon, and someone needs to make sure he doesn't try to kill himself.
M: Goodbye priest, may your god be kind to you.
P: Thank you my lonely angel, and may your heart know what it wants and to get it righteously.
*He was wheeled of by a nurse giggling and full of life*

I am now free to go to Seattle and hunt down the Proxies involved with Noname, for Maya if you want to meet up and talk I shall be at the Pub Patch told me about before he was taken, the first time, from midday til two o'clock. Once my business is sorted in Seattle I will do what I have to, just to get Kat back.

-Manic Muse

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