Wednesday, 11 July 2012

More priestliness

The priest is starting to talk more, it is strange to have someone to converse with allot of the time. We had an awkward moment yesterday where I had to kill a proxy that was attacking the priest. They were quite a new proxy so they weren't that much of a challenge, but would have killed the priest easily, so I killed them. the priest was doing his daily prayer as I went to get food, when I came back the priest was being strangled by the proxy, from the look in their eye I could tell they were one of the numb, I ran to the guy and punched the numb to the ground and stomped on the windpipe. The priest looked at me with a look of shock, I told him to run, he followed me as I legged it, until he shouted after me he couldn't go any further. I stopped and looked around and saw we were safe, P: Why did you kill him?
M: I killed them because it wasn't fully human anymore, and it wouldn't have stopped until you were dead, if it was a conscious proxy I would have let them get away with a warning.
P: How can it not be human? I saw they were a person, they were alive.
M: What you saw was a numb, they are in essence dead, only very rarely could they live if they were separated from the Slender Man. They have lost what makes them human, empathy, reason, even hunger and thirst. Many have to be fed by others, so it was kinder and safer to kill it.
P: But you can't kill them because they are possessed, that is immoral, you can try to save them.
M: I saved one and it almost killed them, and my friend, it also almost killed me. It would also take too much time to go through the process.
P: What if I become one and become possessed by the demon, will you kill me?
P: I see, atleast I will go to God instead of suffer under that demon.
P: Oh. How do you know?
M: I have died once, I was dead for a month, and I knew someone who was killed they faded out of existence and he never once said there was a god. So I wouldn't put too much faith in that. I'm sorry.
P: Hmmmmmmm, *He fiddled with his dog collar* I don't know, I need to think.
M: Do what you want, just don't impede me otherwise you'll die by a proxy, or I'll kill you for jepordising my survival.
P: I see.

I'll pray that doesn't happen.

M: As you like.

P: How long have you been involved in this?
M: A long time.
P: How many have you killed?
M: Too many, does this scare you priest?
P: No, it just worries me and makes me want to pray for your salvation.

I left him there and looked for a place to sleep. This guy may piss me off, I can't wait to go to Seattle an d check out the proxy activity connected to Noname.

-Manic Muse

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