Saturday, 7 July 2012

Having a talk with Ben

well he got desperate to talk with me, sent me an e-mail and everything, probably due to his highers not telling him anything.

I saw him in a pub in Camberwell, London, it was night time and few people were drinking in the pub, mostly an old mans pub.

He came in looking like a person who was really lost.

M: Hey Ben, how are you?
B: C-558763
M: Ben, you're not going to call me that all the time we're going to talk?
B: Maybe, it is your official reference in the organisation.
M: But I'm not part of the organisation anymore.
B: It is still your designation.
M: You know what? I don't care aslong as we get this over quickly.
B: Okay, you know you're not suppose to smoke in these pubs.
M: Do you know we're not suppose to kill people, it is hardly the worst thing I've done, or will do. Is this going to be your line of questioning for the entire evening, if so I'll leave now.
B: Fine, fine, fine. Why did you attack our base the other day? we posed no threat to you at that point in time.
M: You posed a threat to the people I care about, you were monitoring them, and I heard that your lot were planning to advance and take some of them.
B: You didn't have to fucking kill everyone.
M: I didn't kill everyone, you're alive, just take it as a warning, otherwise you won't get off so easily next time.
B: *looking apprehensive and afraid* Why are you alive? I, myself, checked your body, saw all the injuries on your body. You should NOT be alive.
M: I shouldn't be alot of things, I used the path as a medium to sustain my existence, maintaining a tenuous link to my physical body so that when it came to the path I could take it again.
B: What?! you can't live in the path, it's His domain, he never would have allowed it. You're lying you little sod.
M: What purpose would lying serve me? Also insulting me won't help you.
B: I don't know? Getting the entire organisation to fear you so much that they leave you alone...
M:  *Chipping in* they already do
B: maybe you're so bored, alone and so pathetic it is the only way you think you can get attention....
M* Interrupting*  295
B: What?! What the fuck is that? Some fucking cryptic bullshit you learned in your time in the path.
M: That's the amount of years it felt like in my interlude, time slows down the longer you stay in dimensions, and I stayed in those dimensions for so long, it felt, atleast, like 295 years.
B: Dimensions?
M: Yes, dimensions, I spent so long there I eventually tested out crossing dimensions without my knife, maybe why all the things I found hard to do with perceptual physics before, became...... easier to access.
B: Such as?
* lights cigarette without lighter*
M: such as?
B: You know you show off too much?
B: *Sigh* Why do you care if we take Anna and Maya? I can see why you care about Tom and Aoife, but why that other bloggers companions?
M: * sit silent for a while, in thought* * As he gets ready to leave* Because he was my friend and helped me feel like part of a family again, especially when I couldn't have my old one. And with Patch gone the girl needs someone to help her survive, and if you lot get your hands on Maya and Anna then you will break them, cause Maya can't take much more at this point, and Anna doesn't have enough experience so may be damaged beyond repair. I may be underestimating her, but I'd rather not risk it.

B: Will you consider rejoining the organisation to help maintain their safety?
M: No.
B: Will you leave us alone?
M: If you leave them alone.
B: Will you leave the country?
M: Maybe. Will you buy me another pint for this conversation.
*Ben motions to Bar tender*
M: Thanks, you can leave now, you've got what you want now.

*Looks at me in a strange way, like a strange species he can't quite identify*

B: Thank for talking to me, my highers wouldn't, this helped explain a few things to me.
M: Thanks for the beer, and try not to upset people like me  again. You'll live longer.

* He left giving a fiver to the bartender, who gave me a pint*.

Well now you're all up to date, or as up to date as I'm giving you now. Maya if you read this everything will be alright, Patch wouldn't want you to end up this way, he would want you alive, especially to take care of Anna.

-Manic Muse

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