Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Another straggler

Why do I pick up so many stray runners, this time it was a priest, about late 30's, I don't know why I did so.
Maybe I felt pity for the man, that his misguided faith had failed him so much that it's allowed him to be chased and hunted by the Slender. He looks like he's been chased for about a month, he still wore his dog collar underneath the hoody and coat he wore. So he still maintained some validity in the faith that appears to have failed him, and still prays, he asks me why I'm in this position, and what I've done, I evaded the last question as to not make him anymore paranoid.

I thought I would only keep him company for a day to help him abit, he didn't leave after the first, just followed me around as I looked for places to sleep and stealing food to eat. He didn't raise any objections, just watched me go about my business and taking the food I offered him. I asked him why he was here, why he abandoned god and run away from the safety of his church.

P: I had taken confession from a young child who claimed to have seen a tall white faced man, standing in her bedroom, that he told her to do bad things to her parents and friends, and she wanted help to overcome, the demon. I told her to say her prayers, and ask for protection from God, and if it persisted to come back to me and tell me about it. It was a week before she returned and told me that the demon was still scaring her, that she was finding it harder and harder to resist his request. I told her that if her parents allowed it that we would allow her to stay at the convent with the nuns, if she believed the demon was a real threat. She agreed, after consulting her parents, I called the exorcist for the diocese, to examine the situation to determine if it was a legitimate haunting. He came within the week, and examined the room and house, he didn't determine any evidence of a demonic haunting, and suggested it was possibly just an overactive imagination and she was personifying her horror, so therefore no further action was taken. *He pauses here, and takes a breath as if it's too hard and pains him to talk about it* It was three days after the exorcist left, the child was still staying in the convent being treated by it's child's psychologist. We merely assumed that it was a child being afraid of the dark, and that it was only her imagination. We were wrong. It was late at night on the third day, she must have succumb to the creature and started to kill all the nuns. I was woken up by the screams, and ran across the road to see what the problem was, I ran through the door, and slipped, and felt a slick slightly sticky substance and looked to see blood. I saw the bodies of the nuns stabbed beyond recognition.

It was near midnight when I finally found the child she was working on the body of the psychologist, stabbing it with a knife. this is where I first saw the demon, I felt so petrified, I couldn't even move. She slowly turned her head, she looked the same, but... less than what she was before like something inside her had broken. She was about to attack me when she suddenly stopped, and for a moment looked like herself, but that was gone, after that she just turned and walked back to the demon  and held one of the hands at the end of his long arm and they vanished. That's when I started to run. I haven't abandoned god, neither has he abandoned me, otherwise I probably wouldn't be alive.

M: Well, I can top that.

P: How?
* I just wink and leave him with that last night*

I am still looking to get Kat back, i refuse to believe she is dead, I will find her and I will save her.

-Manic Muse

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