Thursday, 26 July 2012

Final visit

I felt stronger today just, finally got at least 4 hours of sleep last night, not substantial enough to work fully, but at least partly.So I got my little Noname to take me somewhere, to see my Granddad, for the last time.

I dressed slowly, as my muscles spasmed and cramped every so often, and my mind becoming fuzzy and light at odd intervals. But I did get up, an important step. Little Noname teleported me to the care home, the Nurse greeted me in the same way as before, but commented on the way I looked, haggard, she said I looked like a zombie. I went to see my Granddad, he was strapped up to a machine, it showed his heart rate, it was faster than it should have been, his body was working harder to keep him alive.

M: You look like shit old man.
*I said falling into the only chair in the room*
G: *Turning his head with great effort* So do you, I guess it didn't work.
M: No, He was expecting me. trapped me.stripped me of everything.
G: Well you still have me boyo. * He had a look of false optimism on his face*
I only give a half smile back.
G: You're not giving up, that's all I know.
M: *Chuckle* No, no I'm not. Though I need to know how you know about the blind man?
G: Who? * looking truly confused*
M: Maybe you know him better as the grandfather?
*He flinched only very slightly but I still caught it*
G: God *Omitted*, how many of these things have you bothered?
M: Only Two or three, I know about all of them however.
G: You know I really thought I had protected you from them, I really did, you're parents didn't tell me when you ran off, I thought you had died in that fire, you turn up saying you were orphaned, and I believed you. Well I might aswell tell you;

I used to be an agent of some of them when I was younger, though we didn't call them collectively what you call them now, 'Fears', no to us they were old Gods, gods of vengeance and blood. I served the Grandfather mainly since he seemed to be one of the more........ stable ones, so he wouldn't command the destruction of my family. But I was also acquired by others to do their dirty work, you know your Plague doctor thing, that you've pissed of more than once in your old life, he got me to infect a young child with a flesh eating virus, I had to watch and take notes whilst I saw this child writhe in pain scream for me to help, beg, calling out to her parents, who we had quarantined for 'safety' reasons. * He took out a bottle and took a good swig of it before continuing* When you were born I knew you were special I was almost 60 and I was still doing their dirty work, I have watched all these teenagers with knives and masks kill each other. The Grandfather gave me a chance to get out, me and my family would be safe. If the youngest child would be guarantied as his if he came, and you would be able to choose. I thought I really had kept you clear of them all, but.

He handed me his book in it were notes and long entries, but also.... pictures, of me. I would look in everyone, almost everyone a fear was in it, most prominently the Blind man, and Slender Man, from the time Tom, Kat and I were living in my old house, Noname appeared in some of the photos.

G: They've always wanted you because you were always special, that's why The tall man made you a proxy so he could own you. Don't go back to that path, what you are now separates you from them, killing them will not give you peace, you are better than them.

*His heart monitor started going off, the nurse told me to leave*

G: See the Grandfather, he will protect you, he will help you like he already has so many times.

I stumbled out of the room and fell against the wall, took out a bottle of my own and drank, the little Noname appeared with the toy and gave it to me, he was very insistent. He teleported me back and I fell asleep, I woke up again due to the dreams, I don't know how long I'll be able to last like this, I truly don't.

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