Saturday, 14 July 2012

Boring Friday

How can I not have ANY paranormal stuff happen to me on Friday the 13th, that is shrouded in so much perception with horror and such, how could nothing happen. I couldn't find any of the proxies I was looking for, not a single one, how the hell is that possible, I've just been sitting on top of that big space needle thing in Seattle cause I had no one to follow, nothing happening. I was happy when it got to midday and I could sit in the pub, indoors for once, it felt so nice, I did get bored after an hour, Maya didn't turn up, neither did Anna, it would be abit obvious it was her, a 15 year old girl coming into a pub by herself. I can't even find them, I don't know where they are. Got to say O'Malleys is a good pub, for America that is. I had to replace my long coat with a leather jacket, I also stole another hoody, it' feels strange, slightly warmer than my other apparel, and possibly a better type of protection in a fight, better than my coat alone.

I even watched some horror movies, I was thrown out after 5 for laughing to much, I thought some of the runners out there were stupid, but honestly if these people in the films were real they would die in a day. So yeah Friday 13th, not that interesting, it was a day where the things I do with perception got really easy.

So Bye I guess.
-Manic Muse

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