Friday, 6 April 2012

Who gave Sirus the idea of punching me?

Patch as you seem to like blaming me for alot of your problems I'm going to blame you  for this one as no one else comments on this blog, you sir are a royal dick, deal with it.

I guess it's what I needed, I've been in a sort of slump for 2 or 3 days, not my finest moment. *it's hard typing when you're drunk and tired it requires alot of proof reading, or whatever it is*

*Me sitting in room, feeling sorry for self, probably breaking a few laws, Sirus comes in obviously mad*

S: Manic.
S: Manic!
S: MANIC!!!!!!!!
*Point he finally snaps and punches me (hard)*
M: *looking more than a little bit hurt* What the fuck was that for you little bastard?
S: That's why, you promised me something and that wasn't sitting around smoking your lungs out and drinking enough to embarrass a sailor.
M: Just leave me alone me alone Sirus, it's a bad time.
S: Really Manic? In these situations when is it a good time?! You have to pick yourself up now or you'll end up like before alone, unmotivated and with little hope.
M: Leave me alone Sirus I just can't deal with this now.
S: And what about when you came to me with problems, when I couldn't deal with them, I still put on my big boy pants and dealt with your problems, well now it's time to deal with it by yourself as no one can help you out of this apart from yourself.
S: Manic! You know this happens, just be thankful they got out of this alive, you've let enough of them die to let two live free from His influence to bother you.

*He crosses a line and I start attacking him, he fights back*
M: I didn't let any of them die, he did, I didn't want anyone to get hurt, he did, it's all HIS FAULT!!!!!

* I keep beating Sirus till he finds a gap and stops me so I was at his will now*

S: Manic, you're nothing but a child. you got them killed as soon as you touched them, especially Kat, you are one of the most deplorable, sorry pieces of shit I've ever seen, I'm just glad Mum isn't here to see you as I'd weep to think what it would do to her.

* Sirus leaves and I crawl back to my corner, which I haven't emerged from till now, appreciated the effort that went in to make this mostly readable,  due to my condition*

I still blame you Patch


  1. Hey if you being pissed at someone pulls you out of your funk, then feel free to be pissed at me.

  2. You may think so, but in this state the people who piss Manic off usually end up dead. Besides he hasn't changed he just has an angry look on his face, whilst he drinks and smokes.