Tuesday, 13 March 2012

thought experiment, for while I recover

Why do we keep living, I know I stipulated in one of my early posts that we aren't free to die, but why? Why do we continue to exist, we are a destructive force, we bring nothing new and hopeful into the world, we only bring pain and misery, we kill in the name of our own survival, we steal to sustain ourselves, we run at the expense of others to protect our own hides, we are cancerous, a virus of the human race, living off it but not being part of it. Killing and multiplying our numbers as collateral damage, the new sceptic guy talks about this being a war, war there is a fighting chance of winning. No, this is not a war this is an extermination, where even those who run from him, kill due to him, we do not save life we only take it, yet we can't even take our own, in our own hubris, our own narcissistic way we believe we are the only true answer to the slender man. We are worse, as we are the hypocrites, we preach our gospel against the slender man and his murders, it isn't even murder, murder is the unlawful killing  of one human being by another, and last time I checked the Slender Man wasn't human.

Maybe I should try to kill myself my advice helps no one, my shelter gets those who partake in it killed, I have killed, in the name of revenge, nothing we do is sacred, nothing we do is good, nothing we do will save the world, or Slay a Slender God.

MY lord, why do you lot always leave him in such a state, it's a good thing all these drugs and the delirious pain he endures allows me to come to the surface. Do you lot remember me, I doubt it, you are all such an inattentive bunch when it comes to fine details. Well I am Manics self preservation, that would be a simple explanation, or I am just the part of his psyche that takes over when the world becomes to much for him to cope with, Tom knows me, and fears me, for good reason, I am the dark thoughts of a muse, and him re reading his notes of madness has given me more strength therefore I also have more influence as Manics other selves come back, as Manic has been many men over the years he's been running from the man, some of them were good, some of them were evil, and some, some should have never seen the light of day.

Hopefully these days will become progressively more interesting, and again I give you the option of believing that I am just a proxy that is trying to push all those that trust Manic in some way to run, or that what I say is the truth and that you should all run.

-Sane Soliloquy

I guess I've got that off my chest, now where's that nurse with my Bacon sandwich,  damn woman I am not to weak for a bacon sandwich, bring me one or you shall be my substitute for the pig.

-Manic Muse

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