Wednesday, 7 March 2012

He's back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

Praise to whatever God exists he's back, but he seems to be absolutely drained, he won't stand on his own, but he won't fall asleep was his time in that place so bad, he also has hallucinations, .....he's seeing Kat, something tells me this is going to be a hard few weeks, especially so soon after Johnny, yeah remember him, to be honest all I'm waiting for is the news report telling me 20 people have been believed to be found dead in some small flat.
Wait I think he wants to say something.

Why? Why? Why? whywhywhywhywwywhy?

Sorry he broke down there, so much mumbling I'll need to buy so many more notebooks, he needs to stabilize and help Aoife, otherwise that'll be another one he'd have lost, but I don't think he cares anymore, Whta happened in that place? Manic has never looked this soulless, so without life, no malice no anger no sadness, nothing.

It all just falls apart and always in the same way, we never learn, Manic never learns,

Here's your favorite standing signing off,


  1. Shit, if he's back that's good news, first bit of good news in a while.

  2. Well it only seems to be good news for you, but your happiness for me is appreciated.