Saturday, 3 March 2012

Testing, Testing..

Well I may be going slowly insane, going? Hehehehe, well if these are my last years in my head then  I shall test and object the system, *carves Anarchy symbol into tree*, so I had this Idead that was floating around my head awhile ago about a year ago in this place, it's called Perceptual Physics, as you may remember there was Ray or 'Reach', he suffered a crisis of faith where he thought all his abilities were all a mental illusion, but he withstood things no normal human being could hope to. Also, there are people like the Umbras who have the ability to teleport, and heal people, and many Runners have the ability to withstand enormous amounts of pain and torture that would kill anyone else. So my inference is that those who are involved with the Slender Man either Proxy or Runner has a ability to bend the rules of physics depending on their beliefs of how it should function, as if we still hold the position that the Slender Man is affected by how we view him, ie vulnerable to water or magnetic fields, then if we view him as part of our physical space we can interact with him as we would any other object in our space.

I tested this theory in this world, I climbed up one of the trees roughly 12-15ft tall, not high enough to kill me if I fell, maybe if I fell awkwardly, but would most probably cause myself a relatively serious injury, so I jumped off, and just before I hit the ground I believed as much as I could that I wouldn't hit the ground and then I stopped falling and I noticed I was about a foot from the ground. I then started rising to up I tried rising above the tallest trees, but they were perpetually just above my head. Then I tried summoning a fire for when it gets cold and set what I assumed to be half the forest alight, the fire didn't touch me though, and the shadows ran and left me alone for the foreseeable future. I then put it up a notch, so I cut off a finger and believed it could be reattached and it did.

This was all I could do that I could do I'm tired, I need to test this in the real world, maybe Gargoyle will do it I don't know he doesn't strike me as someone who believes very well.

I'm tired,

Help me,
Stay Sharp, Stay Safe And Stay Alive

Manic Muse

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