Monday, 12 March 2012

I forgot

As I am in a hospital recovering from serious injuries gained from my experiment, I decided to update you on the status of Aoife, the ex numb.

Well she seemed to be autonomous and completely stable, hence why I went back to my house, when I got nabbed by that Centurion fuck. But after that incident she has deteriorated, possibly due to my mental deterioration and absence at an important time,  so I fear she may fall back into the cycle of numb, she keeps mentioning that name, I'm guessing he was running with her when she vanished, possibly deceased, if this individual is found then a more long term anchor will be available, as my status wavers from safe to in sever danger, so far the numb experiment has a positive outcome, but still inconclusive results as specimen is not fully independent. Further observation and work needs to be done since I was injured she hasn't left my side meaning she probably she has a great dependence on me, if I die or leave her I will die, or she will break down and kill a few people.

I need more numb to test on, if only there were others who could perform the procedure, but it's so unique, so fine, one wrong move, word, even emotion and everyone dies. It's a sorry state of affairs, I can't do any testing myself due to injuries, I have a clingy Irish girl, and a still slightly narcoleptic magician under my roof, whilst being chased by the slender Man, oh and I still try to help people, typical.

-Manic Muse

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