Friday, 24 August 2012

The right choice, hopefully

I woke up yesterday with grey standing outside obviously waiting for me, he looked up to my window and did a sort of two finger salute to show he'd seen me. I went out in what little I had on to talk to grey so he would know I had no weapons on me, I noticed a sizable box was next to him which I assumed was the materials I said I needed.

G: Hey brother I got all the stuff here, but I need the re assurance that you will stick to the deal, you weren't always the easiest person to control.
M: Just let me check, *I stagger pretending my arm hurt to badly* Can you fix this, it'll be a fucking nuisance if I have to do all this with a broken arm.
*Grey looks at me suspiciously, but steps forwards and mends my arm, I smash the plaster off my now healed arm*
M: Much better, so petri dishes of the Virus, how much blood is there?
G: Three pints, they said that will be enough for you, so again I need to have your word that you will make the antidote to the Sub-Mixtures.
M: Ah well, you see, that's the problem I changed my mind, I'm not making any antidotes for anyone, especially not the Slender Man, and with the collective, if they succeed, I can't risk all the fears obtaining it.
G: What?! You are risking everything you worked for, risking your life and the life of Kat, This is how you save yours and her's life, also that child's life. Are you really going to do this, this is the stupid thing to do.
M: Yeah, it may be a stupid choice but it's the right choice for once, I can't run forever and I've been running too long, and I've lost everything while running, but here, at least I've gained something by just not running, I've got Kat back, I made friends, true I've lost friends, but I have made a choice and I'm taking a stand.
G: That's stupid Manic, you have made probably the most stupid mistake you ever have made, you will die,, you won't even be able to take this stuff to make a weapon but, *Clicks his fingers*, now you can't. Have fun running again, I hope your stand was worth it. The Sub-Mixtures won't work forever.

He disappears and I was left freezing my tits off so I went upstairs to Kat, she asked me what had happened I just said something big. I will have to show her something before we start running again.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

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