Monday, 27 August 2012


We started moving yesterday, took the few things we had took a little food and left, starting a fire and calling the fire brigade. Kat was still weak so I teleported her most of the time, we went to the farm that I was sent to after I lost her the last time, when we appeared it was still early, it was misty, and cold, Kat huddled into me more not completely out of the need for warmth I fear. Since I was last there the house had fallen into disrepair, the east side had slumped and a crack had shown in the side, it looked like it had suffered fire damage, I assume that maybe some proxies had taken shelter there as it was abandoned and wrecked the place.

K: Why are we here?
M: Because you deserve to know.
K: Know what, no one is there.

*She looked half relieved and half disappointed at this revelation*

M: They were though, and it's my fault they're not here anymore.
K: Wha.. what do you mean?
M: After we got separated and you were taken I was teleported here and they took me in and patched me up* I chuckled slightly at this moment*, I had their company for an hour, then 'He' came, I tried to leave tried to save them, but they were too kind. Your Dad tried to kill him with a shotgun, though that didn't work, I tried to get them to run, get them safely away from Noname. He just easily got them they were dead just as I got to them, your Dad was the last to die, he found solace in joining you and Liam, I didn't have the heart to tell him I was the one that killed Liam, and lost you. All I could say was I'm sorry.

* We walked across the threshold of the house and Kat shivered, it didn't look like a fire occurred inside, or that time had actually passed at all since I had left, We went up the stairs to the photos, And took the family one down.*
M: I tried to save them, but it was no point, there is no way I'm letting you lose anymore family to this, to my ineptitudes.
K: And that's why you brought me here , to make some point, you tell me my parents I ran from to keep safe are dead due to you, at what point did you think that was a good idea?
M: Because with holding it from you would serve no great purpose, so you atleast get the option to morn their passing, and to get this for you to remember them all.
*Handing her the photo that I had taken off the wall*
K: * She looks at it then sobs gently into my chest*  Their really dead, you didn't just mistake it?
M: I wish I did.
K: *She takes one last look around lingering in one room longer than the others* Can we leave now?
M: Sure.

Our next destination is England, I need old reluctant help, I know their in danger now so I might as well.

Stay Sharp, Stay Safe and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

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