Sunday, 12 August 2012


I..... Don't know why this bothers me so, but.... I keep seeing this guy in a grey hoodie all over the place I haven't mentioned him because I didn't feel any thing that was strange about him. Obviously I was wrong, the night of my last post, I went for a walk to get fresh air, and saw him again, this time he was breaking into a car and I went after him because...... because he smiled at me and there was something eerie about this smile, a familiar smile, a taunting smile, I ran to the car and..... saw, Nothing. I have no idea who or what he is, I don't know who's proxy it is, I just don't know I have pissed off to many of them to be sure.

I have noticed some strange information in my Granddads old  journal,


'Manic' and 'Sirus' have shown awareness of beings such as the Blind Man with whom I was previouly involved, I must arrange a meeting with the Blind Man to remind him of the conditions of the arrangement we made.

2 weeks later;

The Grandfather assured me he was doing everything to ensure my family was safe, he also reminded me that 'Manic' had the choice to do what he likes with regards to the beings, and they must give him a alternative choice to yours. I have to implicate more checks to ensure neither remember nor choose the fears that have shown themselves to my Grandchildren.

'Manic' has also shown signs of mental acuity, and strength that supposes mind fracture of some degree, especially as I have observed him moving some objects without touching him, and I believe one of them has the ability to wipe memories, as neither of their parents seems to recall events in which either have been particularly naughty. Again this may require me to put in more checks to ensure their safety.

There were also pictures that show both Sirus and I with a variety of Fears observing us, and some even had hands on our shoulder, I don't know whether the adults perceived them as they should and I don't particularly remember certain occasions where some of these photos were taken. So my mind must have been wiped by my Granddad somehow, a fear or Sirus, but his ability doesn't affect me, so this conclusion seems to be the least likely, though it may still require some attention.

Also Zeke, I have noticed that some of the components in your Omega mixture contains photosynthetic components. So maybe it is the lux value that causes the lack of success in your synthesis of it. Try conditions with max and minimum Lux values, this may resolve the 'radiation' problem.

My thoughts have also wandered to Patch in my lonely phases, and also Maya she has no one she can talk to or relate to regarding Slender Man. I feel empathy regarding her position, as I have been in it myself, but I have no means to rectify her mental state as neither Anna nor Maya have expressed a need for my assistance in this case so what can I do but wonder what could happen if I did help.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

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