Friday, 31 August 2012


I finally have the fucking report, the one regarding Manic, and his fucking Resurrection.

Time and date are redacted.

13 proxies accompanied the Slender Man into the path of black leaves to escort the body to it's 'resting' place beneath the Bleeding tree. It was halfway through the journey when the initial action started, the report says that moaning and shadowy shapes were clustered either side of them but staying of the path, later they noticed the shadows disappear being replaced by one larger mass which stayed level with the body all the time not taking it's attention of the proxy carrying the body.

They noticed that the trees started to scream, the report says it was of people who the proxies had killed, murdered and terrorised. Some of them tried to flee, but the Slender Man stopped them so they just trudged along the path, their resolve being tested, the shadow was whispering something, no one could distinguish, the only being showing any notion of understanding, was the Slender Man, cocking his head in his usual manner. The shadow then moved onto the path blocking their way, the Slender Man did nothing to move it, but the proxies present were anxious due to the weirdness of the incident, as the shadows don't come on the path. They don't have humanoid form, they didn't cause screaming in your mind.

*Here the writing was messy, not even legible, and those that probably were, were blacked out and redacted.*

*The writing is still messy, but less shaky*
It continues, the shadow moves towards us and stops just infront of the proxy carrying the body, who put it down not knowing what else to do, the shadow reached out it's 'hand' and touched the body it was sort of absorbed like mist into the body which seemed to gasp as if taking breath, but it didn't continue breathing. We tentatively approached the now still body and noticed it was too warm for a dead body and it was vibrating slightly. The Slender Man came forwards and pushed one of the other proxies on top of the body the he stood up and he seemed to be dying, his skin became grayer,  his eyes more dull, and the body vibrated more, then another was forced to touch the body, the same happened and then we noticed parts of the body were healing, firstly the leg, another proxy the arm regrew, another his lungs healed, another his chest closed, another, another, until only one remained, now the body looked brand new, as if almost glowing and vibrating, here the Slender Man appeared to ignore the last proxy, who took his opportunity to escape. But before he did, he saw the Slender Man bend and touch one of his finger to the body there was a deafening sound and blinding light, every shadow thing in the immediate area seemed to evaporate and before the light could reach the proxy he left the path, and typed up his report.

This proxy died the next day, it was deduced that the cause of death was PTSD, but I knew this proxy, it wasn't post traumatic Stress disorder. Some radiation or link made him weak, lose his life, and died, if this was so it would have the symptoms of PTSD.

But now I know, they won't let me live, I had to steal this report had to kill, had to know, had to know, had to know, had to know, had to know, had to.......


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