Friday, 10 August 2012

Ow, I ache

Not much interesting has happened during the last few days, my training has seemed to give me a constant ache in my muscles, my body must have been savearly unfit due to a lack of any real physical exertion, and also whatever sort of block Noname has put on me, I can't go beyond a certain level of exertion without suffering from a debilitating pain that flairs up when I try to get past the block. This means that little progress can be made on that front, so I decided to try and get back to practising my teleporting skills, this went as well as can be expected.

I set out a distance of roughly 100 meters, I tried to teleport to the marker I placed, but like when I ran from the place my Granddad I got about 10 feet then fell out of my little teleport bubble.  I found Mini next to me, prodding me curiously, I swatted him away but he kept prodding me until I got up. I tried again this time I ended up in a tree ten feet away, I was dangling with my leg awkwardly caught in the one of the upper boughs. I wrenched my free, and landed awkwardly on my shoulder, it ended up with a dislocated shoulder and a broken arm, Mini popped it back into the socket but I had to go to a hospital to get my arm reset, that was risky as they were very 'interested' in the amount of scars I had, and after the X-Ray how much my arm had been broken. But was able to sneak out after they put my arm in the plaster and just as it was sturdy enough not to fall apart.

I have also not had any more dreams, my little toy from Mini has seem to made something that calms me down. I don't know what it does or how it does it, so I should be wary of it, but it is useful for now so I'll ignore my doubts. I have also been spending my time inspecting my Granddads box, I still can't find any joint or hinge in the box, I tired applying pressure to different sections of the box, but it remained resolutely closed. I haven't even started reading his old journal, I may now with my free time.

This is however quite unimportant right now, especially as Zeke and Abel have been kidnapped by the Archangel. Which I found quite peculiar I didn't think he interacted with the human world often, he also referred to himself as Azreal, the angel of death, in some religions. I wonder how he's planning to mess with 'the game' this time, I don't have a good feeling about this.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

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