Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A Terrible Choice

Grey came the other day, I was waiting in my chair with my laptop on top of my small desk, waiting, dreading the noise that I heard, heavy, loud, meandering footsteps that were coming down my hallway. And then that sound came, 'knock, knock', I went to the door and looked through the small peephole, he was giving me a cocky smile, and winked. I contemplated not opening the door for him, but it would have been useless, I would only be stuck in this room, and be waiting until he came again. So I opened the door, wide enough for him to squeeze through, but not comfortably so, and now he was through, my back was to the open door, I could run, try and out run him. But it would have been pointless, I'm too badly injured, I wouldn't make it far.

G: So brother, you going stir crazy yet?
G: I take it you don't find my re appearance too wonderful?
G: I have an offer for you , from the tall man, from Noname.
M:........ What is it?
G: We need to give you the ability to teleport back, we will be traveling.

He steps forwards and whack me over the head.

M: Was that really necessary?
G: No. But I enjoyed it.
M: Where are we going?
G: Take my arm and follow me.

I take his arm and we teleport to a room, it was empty apart from a bed, with a lump in it, and a blood stained sheet over it.

M: Who's dimension are we in.
G: No one's in particular, just a dimensional space, time passes here quite quickly, about three month for every one outside. How long has Kat been missing?
M: Three, Why............

My eyes were drawn to the bed, the mass on it was moving and I heard a sound like sobbing.

M: No.
G: Yes. *He said with a malicious smile*

I ran to the bed and pulled of the sheet, and there she was, she looked disheveled and unnaturally thin, she seemed so dejected that she barely moved. I shook her and called her by her name, she stirred a little.

K: * Omitted*, Is that you?
M: Yes I'm here, what have they done to you?
K: They took him, they took hi from me, I don't know where he is.
M: Who did they take Kat, Who?
K: Patrick.
M: Who?
K PATRICK? I called him Patrick after my brother. Patrick.
* She started sobbing*

It finally clicked into place,I turned to grey and rushed him, I went to punch him, but he merely put his hand on my shoulder and said:

G: This is your incentive, for helping us.
M: What do you want me to do.
G: *Smiling* The Slender Man, want you to develop an antidote to the Sub- Mixtures you help develop.
M: I can't it's impossible, I made sure that there was nothing that could counter act them.
G: Even, when you introduce a viral vector?
M: Maybe, but there aren't any viruses or pathogens that affect the fears, there isn't exactly the Slender Sniffles.
G: No there isn't, but there is a benign Virus that affects them, is there anything else you need?
M: Benign, I need fear blood to see how it interacts with the antidote.
G: So you agree, I shall make all of these things available to you, and you can take Kat with you just to help settle any doubts you have.
M: I can still back out right?
G: Of course, why do you think you were given back the ability to teleport, it wouldn't have been fun to chase you otherwise.  * he gave me a smile and a wink and disappeared*

I went to Kat and got her up and dressed more suitably.

K: Where are we going?
M: Back with me.
K: But we need Patrick, we can't leave without him, WE CAN'T!
M: Then tell me where he is, I can't save someone when I don't know where they are. How am I suppose to, tell me then?
K: I don't know you just always seem to know.
M: Well I don't.

She got out of the bed and stood on her feet, she feel against me for support, and I told her to concentrate, we teleported out of the place I hope never to come back to again. We were in my room and I laid her on the bed an told her to sleep as I went to get food for her. She's asleep now I hope she'll be fine, I'm ecstatic to have her back, but I can't do what they want me, I have all the tools to make a more powerful weapon against the fears, but I have to if only to save Kat, and Patrick. But I'll atleast delay what he wants me to do, and see what I can make to weaponise it, and I'm not worried about reading it, he doesn't have eyes anymore anyway.

Stay Sharp, Stay Safe, and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

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