Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Damn arm

This post may be relatively short as my arm may have another spasm of pain whilst I type with my only working hand. I have started to work on my plan to save Kat from whatever is keeping her, I have tried listing all the domains I know for each fear, the screaming tower, the crumbling castle, Bliss, the Path of Black leaves, The quiet, the Empty city, the catacombs, and any pocket dimensions that may exist, there is no way that I can search all of them, it seems that I may have to make a deal with Noname before I get her back, and I don't think it'll be to my advantage however.

On one on my walks the other day I saw Grey under a tree, in the shade whilst the sun blazed in the sky, I was wearing a shirt and some shorts I stole and I was still boiling. But he was in his hoody, and a pair of jeans, he should have died of heat stroke, but he just sat there and turned his head so I could see him, and smiled, that same familiar........ eerie smile. I still couldn't distinguish his features as the sun was in my eyes, all I could see was his mouth, that smiling mouth, and it seemed as he mouthed  'soon brother'. A pit opened in my stomach, there is no way this is possible, he is dead, it must only be a proxy looking for revenge, they refer to each other in family terms. But no it was his face, I walked forward, until I was in the shade of some trees that were close by it was his face, that face that shouldn't exist, that Face! I have seen the life disappear from, I never should see that face again. But there it was smiling at me, content in a cruel knowledge, it winked at me, and disappeared, I ran home banging my arm against lamp posts, and telegraph poles, fences and passer byes. I burst into pain as the plaster cracked and the bone was shown again, but I ignored it. His face the only thing I could see, the terror at his prolonged existence chilling me even now, I've found myself questioning my reality as a man would. But I've been part of this world too long to naively wave this away as insanity, this is real. He's alive and I'm fucked.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

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