Sunday, 19 August 2012

Bad days

I haven't got out much since I saw Grey's face, I won't tell you who he is, I don't want to admit it to myself, let alone you lot. I haven't left my little bolt hole I've been in for the past month, not very healthy, and is very detrimental to what I've been doing for the past month, trying to get myself stronger again. I had to reset my bone and fill in the cast with some poly filler to stop the crack opening again. It is starting to feel slightly better, especially as I've got this place kitted out with enough painkillers to kill several large elephants. Though this does have it's draw backs, I get sleepier more often and my mind slips, and he gets in, all of them get in, and I can do nothing, I am used to them from most of my life, I can take them, I can't take the monumental pain in my arm. I only broke it falling out of a tree, I swear I've been hurt much worse than that and come of without any major injuries. These really are bad days, I have never felt such desperation.

All I can do is read my granddad's old journal, and see if there is something there about the box, about anything that could help me. I found only little,

I haven't seen anything of 'Manic' for almost a year, he always seem to be busy whenever I come over, I think something strange is going on, maybe that Slender cultist son in law I have has done something, he shouldn't have The Blind Man should have told me, or stopped him, so as nothing bad has happened to him, I guess I'm just being paranoid in my old age, but I shall continue to check in on him see, to see if I can catch him.

     It seems, my suspicions were unfounded this month he was finally free to talk and see me, they did seem very thin and gaunt as if they had not had enough food, and being overworked. It appears that 'Manic' has some friends over who are having family problems, they do have an odd habit of sleeping in the same room, though there are plenty of Sofas, and beds for them to sleep on. I still feel like they are hiding something from me, but my daughter, isn't telling me anything has happened, and the children seem happy. But my Son in law, still doesn't seem right, he seems fidgety and paranoid, he is why I don't give up my suspicion.

The box still doesn't show any sign of a hinge, or depression, and still no matter how much pressure I put on any part of it, it still doesn't open it. Though there is a tiny symbol I somehow missed, it looks like a book with eyes in the open pages, applying pressure to this does nothing, so I think it is just a faded archive symbol from my granddad's old collection.

I must get going I hear to many noises for it to be normal, we all get paranoid when it gets supremely quiet, but why are we not when there is a slightly larger level of noise, that shows they don't mind if you know their alive, they know you can't run.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

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