Thursday, 2 August 2012


Zeke, Zeke, Zeke! I finally got the ingredients in Sub-Mixture 6 to bind, Nathan's Journal got the temperature and the substrate wrong so it couldn't bind to the antigens properly, he was off by 3.6 degrees. The ingredient wasn't an opiate it was a herb used by native american tribes that are used for those lucid truth telling dreams. I'd like to call it 'Manic Panic', though I couldn't find away to make it only affect those it's meant to so the risk is still there, I advise you close your eyes when you use it and leg it. Maybe let Achilles have a peak, it isn't like he can be anymore insane

But I see no harm in letting you know why we kept it a secret and Zeke would agree as I have perfected it, this is a mixture which interrupts the Perception filter many fears have to enable them to be perceived by human minds without breaking it. The reason we kept it secret was because the risk it produced for the user, if you aren't careful then you will be subject to the full force of the Fears proper appearance. The primary use of Sub-Mixture 6 is as a sort of decoy when confronted with a mass of proxies and the fear they serve is present, when you attack the Fear they usually check if you have hurt them, this means they would be affected primarily.

I would test it but I don't have an opportunity as many proxies of Slender Man are afraid of me even though now I am helpless if a proxy attacked me right now alone without the Slender Man present.

The training is also doing well, I have noticed if I clear all the fear stuff from my mind I can run like I could before all the perception stuff. So hopefully given enough training I will be able to function at full capacity regardless of my mindset.

I know it's short today so sorry,

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive



  1. Nice. Maybe the temperature is what's wrong with Sub mixture Omega too. I'll test it out and be right back.

    1. Nope, test chamber is now flooded with a lethal dose of radiation.