Saturday, 4 August 2012

More Dreams

I've had good sleep for the past few days, but I've had more dreams  about Slender and my past, this may be due to Slendy being threatened by me due to the Sub-Mixtures, so therefore may be trying to mentally brake me down so I lack the will to use it or help Zeke with perfecting and making them infallible. Or it may be due to the fact that I have tried to see if I could incorporate them into a viral vector so the syringe wouldn't be needed, I have a doctor friend (yes that one) who is wiling to hep me, but aside from the fact that there are no known viruses that have any affect on the fears, he also needs a natural sample of fear blood to see if the virus is infective to all forms of the blood. So this leads me to think this may be a dead end, and the Sub-Mixtures are fine as they are. I have also thought of a problem with the Sub-Mixtures, mainly with Fears such as the Convocation, the problem resides in the fact that it is problematic due to the high number of entities making up the Fear itself, so an aero-soled version of the Sub-Mixtures would have a much more wide spread affect over all fears that have respiring components.

Now to the dreams, the initial one starts of the same as one of the previous ones, I am once again walking through a forest hears a child screaming, but instead of the baby it is a child of about 6, I am assuming this is suppose to be mine and Kat's child that probably won't survive being involved with so many fears. The child however is not in a clearing this time, it is on a lake I start to walk towards it with the intention of swimming but Campers come out of the lake and pull me under, I see Kat is one of the campers puling me down, my lungs are burning I don't think I'm being turned, just drowned, but this drowning goes on for an eternity and I can't fight them off I am just stuck at the bottom of the lake being hugged by an apparently sleeping Kat.

The next is again a memory of sorts, I'm in the Path and Patch and Antonio are there I started taking to Slender, M: Don't kill him, let Patch go, you don't need them. Take me instead you've always wanted me.
S: You can sell yourself to me, but nothing will change, they Will both die.
M: But set them free anyway.
S: I will if you give me everything, then you can have your woman, and your friends will be set free, do you agree?
M: *Reluctantly* Yes, I agree.
I gave him everything, including Kat.

The next is possibly of the future, I have a belt filled with the Sub-Mixtures, and what felt like a rifle on my back. I am on top of a building I took of the rifle and started firing at the fears on the ground, I must have had alot of Sub 6 cause pandemonium broke out below, I must not be looking particularly as I didn't start freaking out. I then took a rifle I hadn't noticed beside me, it was a sniper rifle I started picking fighters on the ground off one by one, not sure which were which. I tried stopping myself, I saw tears cloud my vision, then a child beside me took a rifle and kept shooting. I noticed the Slender Man behind me and he started towards me and I shot at him with Sub 1, he froze I didn't need to tell the child to run, he was already gone. When we got to the bottom of the stairs there was a woman in the car I get in and the dream ends.

I don't know what he's doing, probably confusing me with the eclectic nature of my alliegences, and the danger I put my friends in for no needs.

I need to run for a while, need to get fit,

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

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