Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Let me See

Well, let me start of this post by pointing out that Maya is very touchy and hostile towards me, big shock there, hehehe, you'd have thought her anger would be directed at Antonio who put her under, but it is not my post to day, no. Manic has been beating at the barriers between us for ages, especially over that core theory thing, and with his 'logical' progression of Pauls fate. So over to my 'better' half, won't this be enjoyable Maya >:)

Thank you dick shit, fells good to have control of 'MY' body for a change, but I can't blame Sane, he is sort of like a coping mechanism, when I have to kill, or a situation debilitates me, Sane steps in and protects my body and mind.

But yes the resurgence of Core theory by the Overseer, I'm pretty sure you have all seen it, and know about it, if not do your research, ya lazy son of a......., Oh lord, my Anger hasn't got better. But if you noticed I don't completely disprove of Core theory, if anything I tried modifying it, just not to include the title, my Perceptual Physics was essentially Core theory, where our perception of events helped shaped them, I know however that I didn't set boundaries, so again it was ridiculed for giving people God like powers, but I didn't set boundaries, as to be honest I didn't want any as the human mind is boundless, to a point. But I approve of what the Overseer is doing, the titles weren't given to random people, they were already intrinsic to the person so the person is that thing regardless, unlike Sagel's titles that involved giving it to someone and hoping it doesn't go to their head, hint hint cough cough, Zero. Okay maybe I'm a bit harsh on Zero I do agree with his concept of the story that can change perception so we can win, this was all written in my Blog long ago, why am I typing this now?
My problem however, is that his Core theory is contingent on the death of people which I don't agree with.

And my Point to Maya, You know I have been in this a long time, longer than both you and Patch, you shouldn't DARE! Dismiss any advice given, the truth is unknown, so all possibilities have to be conceived, You CANNOT! Blindly think that Patch isn't a proxy, that he isn't one of the Numb, or maybe he was a plant, made to draw me you and Antonio in to the palm of the Slender Man's hand. You Naive girl, you let your emotions drive and Blind you, the logical progression Sane talked about is exactly that Logical.

We know that Patch is killing people, we know that he choose to chase Ryan than go back to you, we know that Patch spent an obscenely long time in the path and lived, we know when me and Antonio saw him  Patch wasn't scared or panicked or even bleeding anymore. I know he threatened Manic, possibly the one person he trusts most in this thing, so this has led me to my conclusion.

The only way to set Patch free from his servitude, he is not just a slave of the Slender Man, he is a Slave to his hate, and You nor Antonio will be safe until his death. Especially as if he has been partially Numbed, I don't have Tom to help with the Procedure.

Until you accept that can no longer help you so fully, just bear in Mind Patch trusted me, more than you.

To all,
Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive


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