Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Morbid thoughts

I have been thinking alot today about who I knew and people who started blogs after, how many of them are dead, the Skeptic, dead. Zephy, Dead, Manic, supposedly alive how i don't know, but died atleast. Antonio, dead, Maya, Dead, Johnny.... Dead, Paul, died came back. Then there are the people who blogged before me, who are now dead, Ryan, dead, Elaine dead, those two I never properly knew these two, I talked to Lucia abit on her blog, but that was about it. And the 'oh so great' leader, Zeke, dead. These people, now little more than words on a computer screen typed up by an injured man, in a remote corner of the internet. Sure the large ones like Elaine, Zeke, Ryan, Damien, Robert, Arkady, even Mtich a proxy for the most part, these people will be remembered regardless of what they did. But what about the small people The Skeptic, Zephy, Paul, Maya, Antonio, Kat, the Littlest Runaway, the Real Wild Child, Christina, me.

Who will remember us, and our achievements, or will they not be deemed worth enough to be remembered, will we fade as our blogs and the people that read them die as well. Is anything were really doing worth anything, does any action we do have any real permanence with a beast that has changed so many times. I don't want to be forgotten, I don't want to fade, I want to have done something, that is worth something, anything. But I guess my triumphs are only human triumphs, loving, living, teaching, caring, not anything big and grand.

But no I will fade, Paul will fade and given time all the sages will fade as the world forgets, the slender Man will vanish, so no one will remember as, there will be no threat or need. They will be chance upon by random people surfing the internet, and they will see them only as stories, though this is our curse if we win, or if we lose, no one will remember our feats, our great accomplishment, the friends we've buried, the life we've saved. Even if we win, grow old, have children we wont dare tell them, as we know the consequences, and on our death beds, if we are so fortunate we can atleast hope, we will be forgotten for something, died protecting the world from a monster we banished, and hope that we did the right thing.

-Sane Soliloquy

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