Thursday, 3 May 2012

A long pause in thought

it has been a while since I have typed up a thought experiment, I'm not sure I can reason logically anymore, where did we leave off, I believe it was freedom, Dimensional bleeding, and some other stuff, that wasn't particularly important, I also did the ineffability of the Human Soul.

What to move on to, Life, I haven't discussed life in a while, life is a curious term how do we know something is alive?, We have only our senses to tell us what is real, and what of they deceive us, is anyone we perceive to be alive really so? Am I alive or merely reviewing my life in the last tangible moments of existence? Is Patch really alive, I may not know how to define life but death I can, Death is the complete and total cessation of all life, Such as brain death, no heart beat, But Patch must have, at least some, of these as he talked and reasoned with me. So he may have died but he is no longer dead.

All the laws we have are self imposed, by humans, those of religion, of the state, we manufacture them ourselves, what limits this to the outside maybe this is what it is on the inside, maybe we are merely brains in a nutrient suspension?, Can we truly call such a state, if it is true, as free? Does a man in a locked room who doesn't know he is trapped any freer than the one who does, no they are both as restricted but one is more aware of it. This leads people to take uncompromising positions, in religion, and politics, things that will last after them, to legitimise, 'I Was Here', or so they can experience something beyond our 'physical' world, But what if the entire of human history never actually happened, that our worlds are merely figments of our imagination, what would that mean for us, we would then have to question our own existence, whether we are truly real, or merely figments of a larger imagination,.... like Christianity.

Am I really a person, do I have intrinsic value, if Sane was to wipe me from my mind now, would it be murder, or was I just imagination that got out of control, I have been in more than one reality, I have experienced many levels of hell, how my body reacts has been how I'd expect it to react, it would burn in fire and it would freeze in ice, it would heal wounds and open sphincters. Is any of this truly worth the effort of saving, the Slender Man is a beast that is borne of our perception like the world, so when we die we no longer need to fear him. I am tired of fighting, and running, and losing those I care about, I am lost in this large world with nothing left to anchor me, I could just drift off and no one would be the wiser, Kat would forget, Patch, Maya and  Antonio would move on and find another Genius, and Sane could have my Body, The Slender Man my soul, Everyone would be happy.

After All, none of it is real, is it?

-Manic Muse

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  1. Shit, Manic is gone, he was down after his conversation with Paul, I think they talked about more than he was letting on, Fuck! If you see him bring hum straight to me, after reading this post I don't want the idiot winding up dead, I don't want to just be stuck with Sane forever.