Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A talk with Patch

Well for those that have been particularly attentive I have finally made contact with Patch, so I went, without telling Kat or obtaining her permission, opps.

So I waited outside the address that he gave me, when suddenly he appeared behind me, which shocked me, as I wasn't expecting him to be so sneaky, the sneaky devil.

Patch: Hey Manic.
Me: *Confused* *Random pointing*
P: I will explain, just follow me.

We wound up in a park I didn't know, I'm merely assuming his sanctuary was near there.

Soon I noticed something, something about Patch, that didn't have the right -ness, I saw him but my eyes passed over him, When I touched him my hands never truly touched him, when I spoke to him his responses seemed like those that were whispered from a distance. I see why Kat explained him the way she did.

M: So...
P: So.
M: Where are you staying and why?
P: I don't know, I just know it's safe, it's not safe out there with you and Antonio.
M: If it's so safe why don't you bring Antonio in here as well, isn't he your friend as well?
P: Don't say stuff like that Manic, you understand we sacrifice certain things to keep our loved ones safe.
M: *I nod* But answer the questions.
P: *Sigh* Because he is a proxy.
M: What ?
P: I have found that proxies can't really 'exist' in the place, it's sort of an antithesis, to .. antithesis, a place that can't hold proxies full stop.
M: It is sort of a loop world outside reality?
P: *Shrug* I guess, I just know it's not part of 'earth'
M: Yeah, loop worlds are slices of space that exist outside conventional space and time, this one obviously works on the same sort of linear time line.
P: *looking slightly confused, bored and tired* Manic!
M: Oh yeah, sorry. Do you mind if I ask, are you actually a proxy?
P: No!.... But I can do somethings.
M: Show me.

Patch, does some teleporting, Patch has some elevated speed and strength, perks that come with being a proxy, but he insists he's not a slave or servant of the Slender Man, and that the powers didn't come from him.

M:  Is that all? *I asked jokingly*
P: Not quite.

He reaches inside my coat, I am about to try and break his arm when he pulls out his Bokken from the inside of 'MY' coat.
P: I can pull this out of anywhere people can't see it, and I can store it the same way.

(I guess that explains how you couldn't find it Antonio.)

That's also the way I get into and out of the Sanctuary, I can only get in or out when no one can see me.
M: Sure you should be telling me this?
P: Well no one else knows the address, so it doesn't matter if people know as they can't find me anyway. No one else knows right?
M: No one else knows, I deleted the E-mail right after I read it, even Sane doesn't know how I got here. But that is a pretty substantial weakness.
P: Nothing is a hundred percent safe, not even Antithesis.

Patch becomes Somber shortly after the statement.

I wait a while for him to speak when suddenly he says:
P: Apparently if Ryan didn't become a proxy, then he would have been able to do this as well, given time.. I don't know if the fact I died had anything to do with me being able to do this now, but... well hey I died.. No heart beat, brain death, the works... Apparently I wouldn't have made a good test subject in that state so I was brought back to life... Somehow.

M: Maybe, Your death may have made you a better conduit to connect the two realities, you for awhile ceased to be, then you 'were again.
P: Yeah. *He says with a lack of enthusiasm*
M:Do you remember what happened ?
P: Well I'm kinda vague on the details, I remember as my life trickled out and I passed beyond the path, that there were 6 proxies with me, blank faced like they were directly controlled by him.. I don't remember much else until I woke up in there. Do you know what they were Manic?
P: Manic?
M: *Whispered* no
P: Then I guess there's no point in talking about it.I guess you'll want to have a closer look at the Bokken.
*I nod* he takes it out of it's sheath and hands it to me to inspect.

As soon as I touched it I knew it wasn't regular wood, wood doesn't usually feel this dead.

M: The Bleeding tree, *I murmured*
M: The bleeding tree, it is thought to have a connection with the path and the Slender Man, it has something to do with the apocalyptic syringes that Redlight gave Morningstar.
P: Who?
M: Oh yeah, you never read that many blogs, Well Redlight was killed by one of these types of trees growing out of him.
P: Wait did you say grow?
M: It may be something that can harm the Slender Man, may have been why the proxies were needed.
P: Manic answer me!
M: What, yes it grew out of him and that was after a few drops, I don't like this Bokken, it is possibly more dangerous than any steel sword, I just hope I'm wrong.

We spent a little while longer talking about pointless things then I left, Antonio I hope this explains some things to you.

To all those out there, running, fighting, sacrificing to stay alive, I offer you the same wishes as always,

Stay Sharp, Stay Safe, and Stay Alive

-Manic Muse

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