Sunday, 20 May 2012

A visitor

I am currently typing this with one painful hand, I had a visitor today, I never got him to give me his name so I'll refer to him as that guy.

So that guy came into my room, as I had internal injuries that I didn't know about until the hospital, and said "you don't look that well tulpa", "what? I'm a person not a tulpa", "whatever you choose to believe, I think that is the only reason you are still together".
This was weird I don't get visitors, especially ones that question my -ness, I snapped at him, "Who are you so I know what to put on your tombstone?", " My name is of no importance, even if I had one, I wouldn't tell you". It was at this point I noticed I couldn't distinguish a head, well more a face, to talk to so I had to look in the general direction his head would be. TG: Well aren't these conditions cosy, your Muse certainly made sure you got a minor injury and a nice room.

S: I wouldn't call internal bleeding, bruising and a few broken limbs, minor.
TG: well, when considering death as an alternative I would call them rather minor, but that's just my opinion.
S: *with a weary tone* What do you want with a 'Tulpa' if you're so great?
TG: Nothing with you, in particular, but I do require your Muse and as you are inexorability linked with him I see myself coming to you. You two are important in a larger scheme, not just that of what you call the Slender Man, but others, like the Plague doctor, why do you think you get so little attention from the any of the fears, or other factions in this world? You are part of a larger plan, one we have been concocting from your birth, and you have to fulfil it.
 S: What is this destiny we have to fulfil then?
TG: Well 'that' you don't need to know quite yet, but we need your Muse back so we can initiate the Plan in full force, and as you seem to lethargic to find out atleast what happened I am here to give you some.....  'motivation'.
S: What type of motivation?
TG: Life 'altering' motivation.
S: Unless you're going to kill me I don't see how life altering it will be, and you wont kill me, if were so important to your 'plan'.
TG: I don't need to kill you, and there are others to take your place in case of your death they are nowhere near as viable, but we can kill you, if we want.

The way he said that last part, with such cool detachment, and so little importance behind it scared me more than the threat itself.

S: *Dejectedly* What do you want me to do?
TG: Go and see the proxy, Narcissus, I'm sure you know him, and ask him what happened to your Muse.
S: yes I know him, but Why?
TG: *Chuckles* Well tulpa, that is for another time that question, but do this and you may get your answer.

Then he leaves the room, leaving me with my thoughts and the silence, I looked back over my post to see if anything extra weird happened, asides from eldritch beings and super powered people, and I saw my post about my 'retirement' and understood, who he was, there were tales that were told to us when we were little, Manic use to obsess over them, partly explains why he he put so much emphasis on stories and one in particular which he used to discuss with Sirus allot. I just hope I am wrong, this is becoming my catchphrase now isn't it?

I'll sort this out when I have healed enough and Kat is out of her state, I have a bad feeling about this.


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