Wednesday, 9 May 2012

notes on good old, Landan tawn.

It feels so good to be in London again, all the people that look like they actually run, some places, the tube, I love the tube. And we met Sirus, he was, surprisingly, happy to see me, not so much Kat but he thought she was dead and has a (Quasi) army ready to fight proxies, so she may have felt slightly uncomfortable, slightly? She was ready to bolt from the building but I knew Sirus had Tom's and Aoife's address so we needed him.

Good news  is that they haven't moved so I can be certain of some of the places that they won't go, the bad news is that Sirus has people watching them and apparently Aoife has a notebook that contains 'dreams' that involve Manic so maybe the mind wipe wasn't completely successful, I have a feeling this will escalate.

I met Unicorn again, he didn't seem particularly happy to see me, but he can't fight for shit so what do I care, he's lost his hipster haircut in favour for one that looks, suspiciously like mine. Also I met that girl Red again turns out she has a sister with blue hair so I called her Blue. I turns out that Sirus has alot more recruits and has been training them, I could see that I had to teach them a thing or two so whilst they were 'training' I came in and offered to fight anyone who wanted to. A small one was thrown out in front of me, I took my place ready to fight and I couldn't see him anymore, Confused I turned around just to see him with a cricket bat that would have been painful, if it connected, I just stopped it and teleported behind him getting him in a hold so I could get  him to tap out, but being small he wriggled out and tried again, this time aiming for my knees, I jumped and caught him in the chin with my knee, he went flying back so I could get my knife out and stop him, I was on him, but only just the fight was over, I assumed he was good as everyone gasped and stared at me, the kid looked at me like a stain, I'll call him Kid due to his size and temperament.

Unicorn came out next, I thought Manic would enjoy this so much if he was here, then I remembered he wasn't. He started us off with a knife that looked similar to mine but not as sharp, obviously, and charged in low ready to get me in a load bearing appendage, I clocked him outside the head with a punch and he stumbled back, at least he can take a punch now, he tried again, this time faining as he did so for my leg but instead went for my abdomen, I have a feeling my safety is not a paramount concern for them, I teleported just behind him and tapped him on the shoulder, I know it's lazy not to actually fight him but taking the piss out off him is more fun, he turned round read to plant it in my head I caught his wrist, just, and broke it, no one tries to kill me, I proceeded to pummel the living day light out of him punches to the kidneys, duodenum, the ribs, the legs, his face, he was stumbling by the time I stopped to rest, again he charged I had had enough of this so I opened up a entrance to the path with the knife so he would run straight into it, but Sirus appeared and grabbed him before he fell in I could see a creature retreat in disappointment so was I.

S: Sane! What are you doing?
M: testing your recruits.
S: It looked like you are trying to kill this one.
M: Well he tried to kill me first he aimed a knife at my head, I'm not even sure I could heal that.
S: You have to leave them alone Manic war is not your arena.
M: Did you just call me Manic?
S: Yes brother I did isn't that your name?
*He looked angry*
M: I am not Manic, he's dead, it's just me Sane, I was born for war but no longer has the hunger for it, so your arena can be yours but I will not be killed by a hipster in a basement, so I advise you to step aside so I can Kill! him.

K: Sane, calm down Manic wouldn't want this, these people don't know you they don't know how far to push, you need to learn to control your anger, you can't count on Manic coming in and saving everyone if you snap, as you said, He's dead. And you Sirus, you should have you recruits aiming kill shots in training it's just not right.
S: What do you know, you're just a little proxy girl without a friend.

* I blinked and I missed it, Kat had taken my knife and was on Sirus, with it at his throat*

K: You don't know me you misogynistic cunt, I am only restraining myself as Manic wouldn't want me killing his brother, I'm leaving now, and if I see you anywhere near me or him again I will kill you.

*She turns to me hand me my knife and says he's a dick, I say I know*

She shivered slightly but keeps walking, we took our supplies and we are now in Southampton not far from stonehenge, I can feel eh perceptual energy, Manic must have become quite attuned to it, I may try a few experiments there to see if there is any claim to this magic that emanates there.

Keep breathing,


  1. Paul e-mailed me earlier and said he just left, looks like you just missed him, still don't know why he went there to begin with.

  2. I don't care whether Paul as there or not, I just need it for some experiments, old places breed powerful perceptions, especially at night with their ghouls and goblins.