Friday, 25 May 2012

The story

This is most probably going to be a long post, and I can't see a way to split it up cohesively, so I shall have to do this in one great splurge.

When I was little my mother used to tell us, me and Sirus, the story of noname, the story was like any told to children of that age, a cautionary tale.

The story, as stories usually do, involved two children, but from what me and Kat remembered it  varied to any degree from being two brothers, or sister, or two friends. Now the participants may change depending on the version that was told, but the story always remained the same, the version my mother told me involved two brothers, probably a device used by her to scare Me and Sirus.

So like many horror stories a forest is involved, this particular on was the one that grew near the place I was born. The children of the story were reckless, and almost indistinguishable from one another, they could have been twins. Now the children involved were always causing mischief amongst the community, causing practical jokes, thoroughly dislikable children.

It just so happened that one day, against their parents advice, and warnings, ventured into the forest to play and set up another one of their practical jokes. Unfortunately, for them, they lost track of time whilst setting up their plan, and it was dark. The two children, by some error, somehow got lost in the forest and couldn't find their way back, this was the time before mobile phones so they couldn't just call their parents to try and find them.

This children spent hours wandering through the forest, they this for so long that they got themselves so lost so that when they eventually came to a lake, they rested. Now unbeknownst to them this was the home, or lair, of noname the monster of our piece. They started drifting of slowly resolving themselves to the fact that they would have to wait until morning when their parents would, undoubtedly, start looking for them.

When one woke up however, it was cold and the moon was still high over head, this was enough to unsettle him but it was nothing compared with what followed. A voice whispered "Brothers?", the child looked around for the source of the voice, fearing for his safety, but couldn't find a source. He merely assumed it was his brother trying to scare him, so he kicked him in the shoulder, which jolted him awake with a yell of pain. Confused and drowsy he asked why he had kicked him, the other told him that it was because he was trying to scare him, unsurprisingly the other brother vehemently denied the accusations.

Then there was that voice again, "Brother?, Why do you fight?" both were alert now, looking for the person the voice had emanated from. The second brother saw a person behind a tree and alerted the other. They quickly ran to investigate, but found no one, or nothing, like they had just vanished, they listened for anymore sound like foot steps until.

"Brothers? Why are you angry at me?", again they looked around, this time however they both saw him clearly, standing on the lake. The man had no face, to speak of, nor any identifiable features in his gait or appearance, he would have looked like a normal man, if he had a face. They slowly inched towards the 'man' and said "We are not your brothers? We don't even know who you are". To which the man replied, "Brothers?, How could you forget me, and how we used to play our games of mischief". The second brother 'bravely' yelled " We are not your brothers! You don't even have a face we aren't similar at all!". "Oh" he replied in what could be assumed as a dejected manner, "but I wish to play again brothers". "Well we don't want to play with you" shouted the 'braver' of the two. I use braver in that way as to address him in such a way is an almost certain way, to death.

The 'man' emanated a malicious anticipation, " if you don't 'want' to play, I will make you like me and we can play, forever". The tallest, and thinnest and possibly smarter of the two, instantly turned tail and ran from the 'man', closely followed by his brother.

The next morning the parents organised a search party to find the two brothers who hadn't returned last night. They found them, but they weren't alive, or what passed for alive in this realm. The boys had been attacked, and their faces had been, removed, leaving only smooth, clean, white flesh in its place. The parents wondered what could have done this, not believing their own stories and found a note, scrawled on in some form of childish scrawl "They couldn't run fast enough, tag you're it. They are mine now and we will play, Forever".

It is said if you went into the forest a night their screams still echo off the trees and the silent whisper of "Brother, run and hide I'll count to 100".The children of the time never went out at night after that, nor did the adults, the only people that did were the teenagers, doing what teenagers extorted a disaster for their own amusement, but neither adult nor child wanted to fall prey to noname, and him and his boys traps.

Me and Sirus tried finding this lake many times when we were younger, testing fate, and the patience of noname. I guess one night Manic or I went back alone and found him and he is the man that came to me. I don't know why I am alive now even if I met him when I was younger, I fear for my life now more than ever, I fear Him, more than the Slender Man himself, I would gladly trade him for my ghost.


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  1. I'm honestly kinda glad I read this after getting a little bit of sleep.

  2. It was a children's story, we had no reason to be afraid of it for real, I at least have a reason now. And I thought you don't sleep anymore, bad dreams and all that.