Thursday, 24 May 2012

*Sigh of relief*

Kat is finally awake, the doctors are keeping her an extra day or so to make sure she hasn't got any lasting damage, I'm going to talk to her about the story of that guy that came to my room the other day, see if Manic told her anything about it, or if my mother told her the story during the short time she spent at my old home. But I'm doing what he said, I don't want to see Narcissus he is almost the personification of the greek myth, but I have to, and if Manic is alive somehow, I sort of feel obliged to find out, but what if I'm subjugated again I don't want to be put back in a box, especially after just getting used to being a dominant personality. But I have to otherwise that guy will kill me, and I'm not willing to call his bluff quite yet.


  1. Hey if he's alive Sane... You risk causing the same fracturing of your mind you previously suffered... then again for all we know, you are Manic, and Sane was the one lost, and to compensate your just taking the "Sane" Persona...

    I guess the best case scenario is that the two of your merge into a single mine... one mine, one body.

  2. No I lack the creativity, that spark that made 'Manic 'Special', I guess I'll just have to find out from Narcissus what is going on.