Monday, 14 May 2012

Fun time with Sane, Perceptual physics

I have been silent for a few days, I know so out of character for me.

I was sorting things out, I have been at my wits ends, jumping at the slightest provocation, police sirens, motorbikes, the wind, The  Bleeding WIND!

I keep hearing voices that aren't mine or Manic's, the other personalities I told you about, as we've said many times before, Manic has been many people, so their remnants are there nudging away at my consciousness I am going insane. Going? was it really a question of going, I was the subjugated personality, never needed to be stable.

I tried to gain some continuity by imitating a dead man I am going to do a perception experiment at stonehenge, he always wanted to test it at a site so fueled by perception, I guess it's my send off, finally.

SO I went to this place and it was dark so anyone who drove past would have their minds filled with fantasies of magic and therefore magnifying any affects the perception has, hopefully.

So I went there with Kat, I guess she was there to make sure I didn't hurt myself too badly. I went to the center and I could feel whatever, energy, that Manic associated with perception, I started off doing little things I knew I could do like teleporting and healing little wounds. I then tried other things I climbed on top of one of the stone arches (allot easier when you can stop yourself semi falling) and jumped, I broke my arm and nose in that incident, I was able to mend my nose but my arm refused to heal, I am putting this down to me not being as skilled as Manic as he'd healed worse than a broken arm. I tried teleporting further distances, it was easier than when I'm in a normal place so I tried teleporting to the pyramids, I'd never been there but I imagined the place and before I knew it it was boiling hot and the pyramids were before me, I teleported back quickly to get Kat and we went to the top of the pyramids.

I kissed her, I don't know why, maybe it was because she looked so beautiful there, or residual emotions from Manic, but she didn't pull away, she stayed there not quite kissing me back, but kissing me. We kept this going for what seemed like an eternity, one pure moment in my entire wretched existence, and then it ended, she looked at me with a look of love but there was uncertainty like she didn't know what she had done, neither did I but we did it again. Until the world around us grew cold, He was there just watching us, we were at stonehenge again, the grass was cold and wet, my face was in the grass and Kat was infront of me and she looked scared, almost in despair, I don't think she could bear losing me aswell, I don't know why. But that is all he did watch and we watched back I held Kat and told her everything would be Okay, but I was scared, not just because of Slendy, but because I was feeling an emotion, something I hadn't felt before. He eventually left and we went back to our little hideaway by the sea.

I don't know anything anymore, things are getting out of hand, and from my experience when that happens, people die.



  1. Enjoy it while it lasts... Everything ends eventually....

  2. you say that like I don't know it already?