Saturday, 19 May 2012

Thankful we're alive

Remember me saying there was near to no proxy activity near to where I was staying, well, not anymore. They may need a couple of new roads, it was the centurion and some mysterious guy who looks like one of those wandering swordsmen in anime, I had to restrain a laugh.

S: What is this casual  Friday, I swear you all wear mask now?
C: you can mock us all you want Gaul but you will never defeat me and my fellow legionnaire.
* At this point the swordsman gives him a weird look, I know man I know*
S:You obviously skipped that part of your research, I'm Irish not french.
C: It doesn't matter you will bleed the same.

The swordsman came at me and kat with a full length katana, not one of those short stabby sticks some proxies have, I just teleported us on top of a building, but when I turned round he was still just there running towards us
I don't know how he did that one but I teleported again to behind the centurion, now he was comming from the other direction, all this time closing in. so I teleported Kat to a safer location, with hindsight I don't know why I did that, and teleported back to the Centurion,

S: This fight was between you and Manic not me or Kat, why do you care if we live or die?
C:  Because you are part of the enemy, and unless you die he will not, certainty is why I do this.
* I felt a tug in my brain taking control*
?: come and get me then.

I telported again but this time it was more precise calculated, I saw the swordsman going after Kat so 'I' went to her aid, with my knife, and appeared infront of the swordsman, "Boo" he took a swing at me and again I vanished, "missed me", again he twirled around I went to the centurion and stole his sword from his scabbard, and was back, "Look I have a sword too" this time I didn't vanish when he strike at me, instead I used the centurion's sword to catch and deflect the blows, he was well trained, either that or he watched to much anime for his own good, as his coat was grossly impracticable  I stabbed the sword through the thick fabric nailing him to the spot as it was so tight and trailing he couldn't take it off. I took my time then, I didn't notice this before behind all the hair but he was wearing a mask, one of those old samurai masks you see in museums, I took it off and the swords man turned out to be a swords woman. I have a rule about not killing woman, call it sexist if you want, but it's one of my rules, so I took the sword back and the sword she had, so she was unarmed but free. She started charging towards me, but Kat had taken one of the swords and stuck it through her the swords woman gasped, and choked, she laughed and wispered, " free atlast", Then the feeling came back, "No your not", this made a look of terror cross her face, then she died.

Then the centurion came up, he had got a power up since we last faced each other as he burst through the floor of the roof, to be honest I almost shat myself, almost. He did his whole speal about my existence being affront to the god 'pluto' and how I must be exorcised from the world, and how this time I won't get teh better of him. The next thing I remember is lying on my back feelign as if a sledge hammer had just struck me in the chest, I was on top of the next building with Centurion on the spot I was standing, that moment I think I had an INVOLUNTARY Bowel movement, emphasising my thought 'Shit' quite well. Kat tried to attack him, but with equally negative results, I had to rely more on strategy than before, So I led him to street level, where in the narrow corridor he couldn't take me from the sides, so I only had to pay attention infront of and behind me, I stayed to the wall on my right side to protect my broken arm, which was healing, but not quick enough.

I tried my usual tactic of teleporting to just behind him with my knife ready but he was just as ready and planted one square in my jaw, that hurt like a bitch I can tell you that, his weakness was his pride and confidence he thought I couldn't beat him in this state, and he probably would have been right, if that presence didn't tug again. It forced me to make many teleports to places around the Centurion, possibly to try and confuse him, it didn't work I ended up on my arse again with more pain than before, then 'I' strted taunting him, this caused him to charge me, 'I' opened up an entrance to the Path, and another behind it, the Centurion charged through coming out the other side, then 'I' planted the knife into his temple, he twitched, and convulsed started beating the ground, the pavement and tarmac cracked under the force of teh blows, and calmly? 'I' backed away my knife still wet with his blood, and watched as he died, slowly. His movements got slower and slower, less and less frantic, the he stopped 'I' walked over to him, and whispered these words into his ear, "There are no gods", he let out a shuddering breath and he was gone 'I' took his sword and cut out his heart and cut off his head, possibly to stop any chance of him coming back. No doubt this mess will be gone by now. I thought I could finally be left in peace, for once, but now Kat's unconscious in the hospital, I have more injuries to make allowances for, but atleast the proxy that hates me the most is dead.

But I didn't kill him,


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