Saturday, 5 May 2012

Manics notes, no 1

If this note has been posted then my Plan was unfortunately successful, if this is the case Sane should be free of the Slender Mans control and have control over my body. He should be free as I was the one that made the deal not him, may you finally use your freedom wisely, Sane. Kat has Sane to keep her company, it's a hollow and insufficient constilation, but I have no place left in this world, every thing I have done is dead, or lost to me, Aoife and Tom can no longer console me, Kat is a proxy with jobs and targets, and these days Sane is a sleep whilst I have control and Vice Versa. Surely this will be for the best Sane will no doubt blame Patch, Maya and Antonio, and Maya may blame it on me watching over them, but the reason is much more profound than that.

For as long as I have run from the Slender Man I have had to employ logic to stay alive, and to do that  I needed an Illogical self to counterbalance it, hence the birth of Sane, or maybe I was mad and I, Manic, am the creation of thought, but that is in the past and unimportant right now. The point of this post is to inform those that came to know me and those that knew me for longer still, I choose this, nothing got the better for me, and the reasons for my actions were my own, don't shed many tears for me for I am dead and dead men need no love.

Sane as you are free you have to embrace what you have always resisted, empathy, emotion, you think I survived by being cold and calculated, I survived off being compassionate and caring, having people I could count on in my hours of need, if I was in trouble I have a number of people I could have contacted so Don't blame them.

Maya, Pay heed to what I said about Patch, he may be alive but I wouldn't trust him now as far as I could throw him, but there may be a way to save him but I dismissed it, to get to it you'll have to trust Sane, I know I'm a dick sometime.

Antonio, read more, the answer lies out there in the wide world of the internet and the blogs, I didn't acquire my knowledge from nowhere, you know the answers already anyway, in that little head of yours. Just do me a favour when you quite the 'firm' don't do anything stupid like leaving vindictive proxies alive, but hey I just lived through this for most of my life.

Patch, You dead guy, I shall give you the same advice as always, forget your revenge, it will destroy you otherwise, I should know mine almost killed me. And finally Marry Maya if you don't I'll come back and Haunt your fucking Arse, I'd like to see you swing your stick at a ghost, she's endured hell for you forget revenge love now.

And last and most importantly Kat, I loved you, and still do, I probably will until the moment my -ness is terminated. And all the words I can tell you are ' I know', remember our Lullaby as long as you sing that I will be there with you, maybe not in body or spirit, but in your heart for sure.

And Kat, Sane, Check underneath the floor board on my side of the bed, Sane our knife should be there and two notes that are specific to you two.

Everyone else, Fuck you I'm signing out for the last time


Yeah we found this on the computer in a word document, and we found the knife and notes, they are to personal to reveal to you but Kat hasn't stopped crying since she read hers. If you don't trust us fair enough. I don't know with my 'freedom' now, no one not even Manic restraining me, I should kill, but the feeling isn't there, is this guilt, remorse, self loathing, no wonder Manic topped himself with these things in him. But yes I posted this as it is the last thing he wrote.

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