Friday, 11 May 2012

Why is everyone freaking out about the solstice?


it's just one more day in the continuity that is time, there's worries about the quiet, Slendy, almost everything, Paul is suppose to die on the solstice.
Do people need reminding this day is no less important that any other the past two have passed relatively without incident, people go and face Slendy and die, like any day, yet people still have forebodings and plans for that day. You want to know what I'll be doing, drinking, that's right, even if it 'is' the end of the world I shall be to pissed to notice and or care so if I'm wrong it doesn't matter it is merely the end of time, as if there is no matter to change then time becomes pointless.

K, rant over, I came on now because, I haven't been feeling right. I'm finding it hard to keep a train of thought, or carry a conversation with people, but, I'm starting to hear voices, or more accurately Manic's , I'm just going to have to chalk it up to denial and general instability. As Manic is dead I have accepted that but I carry conversations with him, he tells me things, Ideas, Plans, complexities even he didn't know about the universe, Manic can take alot but I doubt all this knowledge would fit in his head. He repeats one thing alot, 'the path to my salvation lies on the path of revenge, on the path of death, on the path to new life', it all just sound liek absolute Bollocks to me. I hope it is just a remnant of Manic's madness,  a conversation we had which I had forgotten, I hope it is that otherwise, I dare not think of the alternative, I don't seek revenge and I don't particularly want to die so I can't see what he means, he can't mean that path as I can't walk it without being dismembered then negated from existence, it must be Manic's madness lingering he had alot of it in his last few days, it must be.

I thought I'd jump in here for a second as my view hasn't been expressed for a while and Sane looks like he;s about to have a manic episode. I want to address the selfishness of Paul, the near undead bastard, how could you leave Maya like that don't you think it would be kinder to let you two die together than to leave her lamenting lost love, you don't know the feeling, I can't believe it especially after what Manic told me about you.

And don't be so pretentious to think that people die 'for you', people die for themselves of their own choices, people are not so weak willed, Manic's death wasn't to save anyone let alone you, it had nothing to do with you, he made a decision, a selfish decision like you have, for himself, if Maya died it was for 'her' love of you,if  Antonio and Manic died it would have been for 'Their' loyalty and friendship. If you were to march to the gates of hell do so with friends as it crueler to leave them behind, and let each man search their own soul to decide if it's best for them.

I'm tired I haven't been able to sleep properly I hear Manic's voice, I tell myself it's just sane Sleep talking, but it always sounds like it's talking to me, I don't think Sane's madness is confined to him, maybe Manic wasn't a man, he could still be here somehow, forcing his consciousness on us, maybe none of this is real, maybe he is manipulating all of it, but that's impossible, Right?


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  1. Sane... in my case it's not the really anything to do with 2012... it's just how long my bodies going to hold out.. I got allot to get done before then...