Tuesday, 29 May 2012


They've taken her, they've fucking taken HER!!! WHY did you FUCKING take HER I was doing what YOU ASKED ME to do!!!!! WHY?

They came all at once every horrid thing in the universe, at once, I couldn't save her, as always can't save anyone, not Patch not Johnny, Not Maya, Antonio, they were all doomed regardless of what I did, WHy I saw Narcissus I did what you Wanted why, ..........

Sorry I'm taking over from here a story needs to be told but not yet people have died, minds have been broken  lives changed old friends re drawn armies built and trained, but that's not for now.  Now we mourn, now we cry, now we feel, human. there's a little secret she never told me but we knew it is hard to keep a secret when you live with a psychic, it wasn't just me and her when we were traveling there was another, Manic's fault. so we lost two, but for those few who even cared mourn for her, as we do not hold out much hope, she may live, somewhere but if she isn't we can't get her back this time.

as you can tell Manic is back, we have to find me a new body as the effort we both produce is killing the body it is only the healing keeping us together right now. Time to go proxy, or runner, hunting, I need a good body.

-Sane & Manic


  1. Shit and I just wrote you all as lost Manic.. welcome back.

    1. No,no, he's gone again, something is wrong, this shouldn't be happening, I haven't done everything a few more things have to be done, to save Kat to save them.