Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Well it seems manic has vanished he went home last night to get a few things as he has been in the same set of clothes for awhile, and needed to get some information about some larvae thin, I don't know. But he's gone and I can't find a note, can't find any struggle, maybe he, no that's improbable.

so now I am filling a blogging missing persons report, if you see a dude with blue eyes, dark brown, about 6 ft tall, relatively lanky, clutching a notebook with the numbers 243 into it, let me know, please, who else will believe me, he hasn't officially existed for years, it's unlike manic to do this, something must be wrong, Aoife's asking for him, she must not be fully independent yet, she needs an anchor.

Please I may have ranted at you before but Manic is missing Please help us find him, Aoife needs him,

I need him


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