Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Morality and Gravestones

This is where it has come to.
Me talking about morality, even I didn't really expect this.

Johnny just got rolled into the hospital, he's pretty banged up, I'm never getting out of this place am I, ever.
Leading me to my post, I know the proxies and the psychopaths the maniacs, the sheer mentally unstable on both sides, but who, who would attack a child whilst it's asleep, this has done nothing wrong but fall into the worst circumstances. The thing is you proxies expect to wake up with a knife to your throat or in your back, but this child, I don't care how you found him he was suppose to be safe, the person who was protecting him is dead, I barely recognized them. But you can't attack a child whilst they sleep, at least give them a chance to run, thank what ever god exists for nosy neighbors that heard  the racket and manic laughter, and called the authorities.

Anyway, I don't know where this post is going it's more stream of thought than my other ones, .....Marx once said that 'religion was the opiate of the people', I guess this is true for alot of the proxies, the recently late screwtape, and any number of proxy, who treat Eldy as a God, as they have nothing else to believe in, not even themselves. So they lose their humanity to feel like part of a much larger whole to belong, heck we know it doesn't exist on the 'good' side, as they are paranoid of everyone, and are more close knit than a grannies jumper. Neither side are inherently 'good' or 'evil' there is no external standard by which we can judge what any of us do every thing is acceptable, permitted, allowable, but I would expect even a proxy not to kill a sleeping child, he may not pull through for fucks sake.

Every day after the threats on those I care about start I feel less and less human the muse gives was to the monster, but it is always that way I guess, hate begets hate, and the road to hell is paved with the best intentions, and the God that controls us in his sadistic game knows I've got an express ticket.

Hey Tom here, D... Manic has broken down in what seems to be tears and he's laughing this is not a good sign, He's told you how we met when I was like 6 so I've known Manic longer than anyone even the Slender Man, and I know him a damn sight better.

L....Manic has always had problems holding what little humanity he has left together, he past is so red with the blood of those that have threatened me, anyone he cared about, especially Kat, I still have nightmares about that day, days, week, I forget how long it lasted, I've never seen him like that, his eyes they were dead blue eyes usually so safe and warm like a summers sky or warm sea, so cold it could give your soul frostbite.
I'm surprised I've lived to tell the tale, Manics fondness for life of others to be preserved is so strong as he has taken enough of it, seen it run away, half those note books have pages covered in blood about experiments so terrible that no one should have to suffer them, not even the likes of Zero Song (yes I've had to read this stuff to stay up to date). Do you know how long it takes people to die from being encased in a box with a million needles that don't quite go in deep enough to hurt anything vital, but to cause a continuous flow of blood from the holes, I do, I assisted, I laughed all in the name of revenge, retribution few if any of them deserved. That was why me and L.... Manic split we were both losing ourselves, I don't know what happened to him, but I know he's back for now, but that laugh I haven't heard in years, still chills me to the bone. Manic is far more dangerous than he likes to admit. Also he's mentioned his mind rape power, He has destroyed someones identity, left them less than drooling this person acted like someone who is in the early stages of being a camper, half the reason I came back make sure he didn't kill too many people.

Be careful is all I'm saying

Tom worries to much or to little I can never tell, haaaa, I think it's time to wake up our little proxy friend get some information she may be numb but her mind must know somethign and thats what I'm interested in, hehehhe, it's not like she's using it, and her pain may put mine to end...................................................#

What okay so I went abit there, ow, my head but Tom does worry to much, I'm not that person anymore, I hope. I'm tired I haven't slept for three days, between looking after Aoife, Tom and Now Johnny I have no time to sleep, it's not the slender man thats gunna kill me it's the sleep deprivation.

(sorry for the long post I can't be bothered to proof read, or condense, I'm gunna sleep and stay away from this place for awhile)

To everyone
Stay Safe Stay Sharp and Stay Alive
Manic Muse
(and little old me, mwhehehhe)

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