Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Catch Of The Day

Well I have a specimen for my experiment, I will now regale you with the tale of my cunning and devious plan and how it unfolded.

So to take out any variables that could hinder the plan I sent Tom and Johnny out to do whatever, and I set my plan into action, This was completely dependent on a numb actually keeping a tab on me and wanting to take me out.

I did everything to make 'me' a prime target, and I was counting on the relatively low IQ of the numb to work in my advantage. I left my doors and windows open and made a big scene about Tom and Johnny leaving showing I was alone and 'drunk'. Anyone could see this was a trap the only problem was I had to wait in the cold as London isn't exactly warm right now. Anyway I made one entrance particularly tempting by certain methods, it took 3 hours, 3!!!!!! Before the damned Numb walked through the door so I could bonk them on the head and bind them, then I sealed up my house and continued to test the health, both mental and physical, of the specimen, and started to prepare the area which would be used.

Specimen Description:
Gender: Female
Height: 5" 7'
Weight: 59 kg, (or roughly 130 lbs for the American readers)
Ethnicity: Seems Irish, or at least European.
Age:  17-20 (approx.)
Status: Healthy, seems to exhibit the generic babbling about their 'master' killing me, it all faded into one after awhile. So I assume she is moderately to deeply in His control.
Description: Purely Aesthetics, no visible scars, I mean none, brown hair, dyed green in a short punk spikes, blue/green eyes, equal ample proportions, (or as Tom put it Double Damns). All in all an attractive, healthy female.

Experiment will be conducted in the next week.
To all
Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive
Manic Muse

TBP: To bad me and this ;individual' had to meet under such circumstances, oh well maybe if I save her I shall advance. (hey being followed by an Eldritch being isn't conducive to partner finding)


  1. Personally I would have just used OkCupid to find a date for Friday, but hey deposing a girl works to.

    In all seriousness I hope this works.

  2. Oh he makes jokes, why don't you get off of this thing and do something hmmm hmmmmm.