Monday, 27 February 2012

Collaboration: Gargoyle and Manic Muse

I'm bored and I need something relevant to write or I'll kill another hobo.
All credit for this goes  to Gargoyle, I am merely helping him by varying it in slight ways to see if it could be other factors affecting his results.

Subject: PRE 01, you know where to find the full profiles and P01's

Participants: The Gargoyle, Manic Muse

Proposition: To see the effect of wearing disguises has an effect on PRE 01 or confuses its servants sufficiently enough to make them non lethal.

Method: Personally I am dressing up as the PRE 01 himself, reference Ted from dreams in darkness, whilst Gargoyle has his own disguise, Go out for a few days, in disguise and see if we encounter any unusually low or increased activity. My disguise has more of a chance of getting me killed however if past experiences are anything to go by.

My Hypothesis ( gargoyle can make his own): increased activity, PRE 01 possibly mistaking me for another //it// and proxies thinking i'm their master, or the smart ones kill me for imitating him.

Null Hypothesis: nothing happens out of the ordinary, little if no activity shown by either subjects.

Risk: Death, by evisceration, or other imaginative means, mind fracture due to PRE 01 probing mind,  think of it and it's a probable outcome.

Do one for Gargoyle: death by stab wound possible, other forms of danger are inherent in being a runner.

Risk level: Manic Muse: High, Gargoyle: medium to low

Holding on,
Manic Muse

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