Sunday, 19 February 2012


I have not yet started my first experiment based on gargoyles notes due to the materials not being available, and I'm locked in a hospital looking after someone with narcolepsy and some girl who refuses to wake up. I'm So BORED, If I was an insane I'd go on a killing spree, but I'm not, so I'm bored. So to pass the time I'll talk about some blogs I've read recently the most interesting I've read, gallows tree, I know Gallows and Graves have no interest in preserving human life, (I can imagine the sarcastic gasp of surprise from those who read this), but they are truly interesting individuals, gallows was confined to one city, town, whatever for his entire life as I've some to understand it, also Graves is a numb who can dictate thought separate to, must serve master, to masters glory, etc, etc und etc. If only I could get close and get their stories without being gored or just killed. Also as they interest me I want to play with them, like any child would, I have an experiment coming up that requires a proxy, what do you say gallows are you game ;), unfortunately all the funny as f*#k stuff is spread amongst other blogs such as the Shady Lady's 'first Blog' and Dia's 'Be wary of', and some others.

Now I hear you ask why would someone like me be interested in these two individuals, why not gain an interest in Zero Song, or the Advocate, the simple answer is these people are dull, the advocate is merely a sadist with a paycheck, Zero Song merely a maniac with a knife or two. 
They hold no fun for me and their killing don't even make me laugh, Gallows has appeal as I view him a bit like my 'antithesis' my polar negative the ying to my yang, the snails to puppy dog tails, wait? Scratch the last one, regardless he is like me but my opposite, he is mad, I am mad but merely control it while he just let his run wild. He has complete disregard for any life even his own, whilst I don't care if I die but do if others die, I have my own 'minion' who has autonomy but is relatively loyal to me. he's a proxy, of sorts, and I'm not, and we both have warped senses of humors.  It's like we could be twins that look almost completely different, * shifty look*, I don't know wuy I'm rambling must be the pain medication.

OHOh, There's also this guy called soulpatched I grew quite attached to, but he hasn't posted for 2 weeks whilst previously he posted everyday, and as this was after getting attacked I fear the worst for him but yeah watcha gunna do. Nathan has left to travel the wide world of wonder I offered a place to stay if he was ever in london but who knows if he'll accept. And I need to do something fuck it I'm gonna do the first experiment now  it must be at my house by now. I'll post my usual speal about the hypothesis, etc, etc after I come back it's all down in the notebooks.

So to all those out there 
Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive
From your bared as hell
Manic Muse

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  1. Hey your thoughts have been appreciated, I posted an explanation as to where I've been lately.