Saturday, 4 February 2012

Experiment 2.0

subject (as categorized broadly, by the  archive): P01, other names, the numb, the hallowed, the husks, Cannon Fodder.
Strengths: Hive activity has apparently been shown, high pain tolerance, induces empathy or sympathy from its target, no morality.
Weaknesses: Relatively low average intelligence, can't improvise, Unstable (can and will kill anyone, refer Eddie from Don't Shoot messenger for tales of such), Can be Childish.
Characteristics: Like any human being, except they usually wear masks( refer to previous work to see theory why), usually wield knife of some denomination, babble or talk only of master.
Resources: Themselves, their knife, maybe hive mind.
Intentions: None, Gain Freedom/autonomy?
Targets: Prey or Enemies of PRE 01.

Experiment: To see if I can sever link from PRE 01 and servant , whilst trying to maintain original personality or just keeping them alive.

Hypothesis: Truly. I believe the numb once severed from contact with PRE 01 will either break down and become completely insane, or their consciousness can't survive without crutch of PRE 01.

Null Hypothesis: They are separated from PRE 01, They regain  majority or total autonomy, everyone lives happily ever after and bunnies come out of my Arse. ( sorry  I just have little hope for this theory otherwise someone else would have discovered it and we wouldn't have to kill the numb)

Additional information: Risk: relatively low, Death by stab wound, possible home invasion by PRE 01 for messing with one of his servants. possible but unlikely mind fracture (split personalities).
      Friend being brought in to help with experiment, Name: Tom, Age: 19, Gender: Male, Specialty: The Occult/ Magic that sort of thing. Was forced into cult at 6 so over a decade of magical experience, he has more books than me and there all about magic.

Experiment 1 is coming to a close, information has been gathered, it is currently being sorted through, and condensed into a few easily readable posts.

I have to get rid of this empathy all its done has got me harmed and looking at my notebook my mind appears to be cracking under the strain, and with Johnny here he doesn't seem to show up, I find it odd, but it isn't conducive to experiments that require PRE 01. Hopefully my next experiment will scare him back to his actual Home.
In interest of continuation of the species and subjugation of PRE 01
Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive
TBP: I've seen someone sneaking in the bushes behind in front of my house, I have a subject, may also be useful for experiment 3 just need notebook  #165, it is one of the more important ones, not just because of the experiment. I fell uncomfortable leaving these posts so short I just don't want to tell you about my life but helping the child, writing this blog to 'help' people, I have 4 followers I'm not helping anyone, is making me care and I fell compelled to give you explanations, Ah I'm rambling but I shall take a holiday, this time I mean it, from posting and blogger to allow for mental recovery.


  1. I can't just leave you hanging if you want to ask me about theories or give me your own here's teh email of my latest real world alias
    ( ), it's better to ween off it than go cold turkey.

  2. Hey Manic, if you can save any of them then that's a great first step.