Sunday, 26 February 2012


Today's just a treat 2 posts in a day,
I may have killed a homeless person, *guilty look of child* I didn't mean to kill him I was just sitting around just letting my mind' walk' free, then it came into contact with his mind, I saw everything, his hopes his dreams his life, he was a bad person who had fallen on worse times, He was a murderer, he killed people 3 men, 6 woman and a child, and he wasn't sorry! His mind was so fixated on boo hoo I'm so unlucky, that I just implanted an idea simple in its design, I brought back to him all the people he had killed, made him relive every second of it made him happy, for a while, then I put the thought in his head, "do it, just do it, if the police pick you up you're as good as dead anyway, just jump in the river with a noose with a weight on it round your neck, confess it all and you may be saved". Galent lying on my part I must say, needless to say he started having feelings of guilt and paranoia I usually associate to fuck face, he spent half an hour wandering jumping at every siren until he came to water, the irresistible urge nagging at the back of his mind those two words "do it", Bastard never stood a chance he found a broken bollard and a length of rope two things not hard to find in London. He wrote his note confessing everything he had done, then I changed my mind I wasn't going to drown him, I got him to walk to where I am now, have him tie the rope to the highest limb he could reach on the tree, he didn't even see me, I gave him the last push, hehehe, unfortunately his neck didn't snap so he suffocated but due to his fidgeting about he broke the rope.

So I had a better Idea I gave him a gun and sent him to a police station he walked up to the person at the window, he put the gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. dead murderer. I saw our eldritch friend after that I've never seen him, so.., so, Amused.

I regret nothing, he deserved it

Manic Muse

And I feel great

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