Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Tom here,
Manic doesn't feel like posting, and he's trying to dissuade me from posting but if anyone reads this you should know certain things, Johnny died today at 6:54 pm GMT, from a combination of blunt force trauma and blood loss, despite what hope Manic held, Johnny was never going to pull through, it's just another one to add to the pile that seems to build up around him, it's not fair he tries so hard yet they always seem to die, he must have a number that rivals some proxies. But those are stories for another time, Manic has shut down, he's not asleep but neither is he awake, he's just numb, blank, he must of thought he could truly save this one, but this is just his virtual gravestone, his memoir, his legacy, no one on here really cares,  it's just shouting at a brick wall.
Neither I nor him expect you people to show sympathy to some one you barely know, but this is to stand as a testament, a tale to passerby's who shall never know us, our names, that we, that Manic, that we tried, we didn't go quietly into the night, we fought the good fight, and ultimately even if we don't win over the Slender Man, we will have won in keeping our souls. As we are men, we are human, and we, we are free to live and love and die, Manic used to believe this, something killed that belief, it's a pity Manic made me the man I am today, he's a good friend, and I know this isn't the last one he'll try to save, he's a tortured man who's led a tortured life, he may seem crass or pretentious that's only because tormented men with tormented lives have little use for talking, Manic said I was always more eloquent, I've pulled him up by words alone, so don't judge him too harshly on the basis of his words alone, for he is a point of light in the darkness a single candle that shines hope out from itself, trust the man that would save the world even if he can't.

So remember,
Keep your Faith, Fight the Good fight, And never Give and Inch without making them bleed for it
The product of a tormented man

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